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Sleep News

Read up on the latest sleep news and information to help you get the rest you need and learn something new.  

Avoiding the Scourge of the All-Nighter

Read more about why pulling an all-nighter isn't a good idea.

Philadelphia-The City that Never Sleeps

Did you know that Philadelphia is one of the most sleep deprived cities? Find out why.

President's Day Question: When Do Presidents Sleep?

Former presidents William Taft and Grover Cleveland both showed signs of sleep apnea, which means they often stopped breathing during the night ― sometimes for as long as one minute. Read more.

Tips for Beating Insomnia

You know those nights when you can’t get your brain to settle down and then before you know it, it’s already two in the morning? That’s the struggle faced by those with insomnia. Follow these rules for a good night's sleep

Watch Kelly Brown, M.D., Crozer-Keystone neurologist and sleep specialist, and Vatsala Ramprasad, M.D., Crozer-Keystone pediatric pulmonologist discuss sleep apnea in the adult and pediatric populations on CBS 3:Talk Philly.