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Brian J. Murphy, D.O. - Physiatrist

Brian J. Murphy, D.O.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Dr. Murphy offers a unique treatment model for ailments ranging from joint pain to carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica. He provides individualized nonsurgical medical and rehabilitation care that helps patients regain function and mobility.

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Play Treating Tendon Pain with Tenex™ Video


Steven Collina, M.D. explains the causes of tendonitis and how the condition can be treated through TENEX Percutaneous Tenotomy.

Play Treating Drug Overdose and Poisoning Video

Medical Toxicology

Crozer-Keystone’s toxicology service provides bedside consultation for poisoned patients who come into the ED at Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

Play Egg Donation Video

Egg Donation

Becoming an egg donor is a wonderful opportunity to assist infertile couples unable to conceive on their own.

Play Inpatient Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit Video

Rejuvenations at Fair Acres

Rejuvenations at Fair Acres provides inpatient evaluation and treatment of geriatric patients suffering from acute mental health disorders.