Physician Clinician Referral Options - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA


For your convenience, physicians and other clinicians can download the Sleep Centers Referral Form for patient referrals. Simply fill out the Referral Form and fax it to 610-340-2371.

Referring clinicians may choose to send their patients to one of our sleep labs for a direct study, with or without follow-up care with the sleep specialist.

Directly Ordered Sleep Study

For a directly ordered study to take place, the ordering clinician must provide a copy of patient demographics, insurance card, and the patient's medical history via fax to 610-340-2371. Unless otherwise indicated on the referral form, all patients will automatically be referred to see a sleep specialist for follow-up and sleep study test results.

Refer Patient for Full Evaluation

The other option is to refer the patient to one of our sleep specialist physicians for a full sleep evaluation, in which everything is handled by us -- from the ordering of the appropriate study all the way through to complete treatment of the patient's sleep disorder(s).