Senior Wellness Program

Members of the Senior Wellness Program receive the following benefits:

  • Free education programs
  • Discounted meals at hospital cafeteria
  • Discounts in hospital gift shops
  • Free screening programs
  • Free email newsletter
  • Exercise programs
  • Opportunities to meet interesting people and take proactive measures to maintain optimum health

Senior Wellness Connection Line

We welcome your ideas on how we can serve you better. Help make Senior Wellness the best it can be. Call 610-338-2729, or email with your suggestions and recommendations. 

Register for Free Membership 

Call (610) 338-2729 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or e-mail

Acute Care of Elders (ACE) Unit 

Long stays in a traditional hospital setting can undermine an older adult’s ability to function independently. Crozer-Chester Medical Center’s Acute Care of Elders (ACE) Unit helps seniors in need of hospitalization get back on their feet faster and maintain their independence. We also aim to reduce the medical complications that seniors often encounter. For more information, visit the ACE Unit.