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2014 Summer Edition

The Verse - Pastoral Care Newsletter

Crozer-Keystone Hospice Program Hosts Spring Remembrance Service

On May 14 the Crozer-Keystone Hospice Program hosted its annual Spring Remembrance Service at Crozer-Chester Medical Center’s Clark Auditorium. Over 75 individuals attended this special tribute that remembered the lives of loved ones who have recently passed away.

A representative from each family in attendance was asked to come forward to receive a flower and to say their loved one’s name which was well received. Many family members also shared stories and fond memories. The story-telling quickly resonated with others in the auditorium, and this helped those in attendance to realize that there are others in similar situations. The event therefore allowed for individuals to share grief for their family’s loss, but also receive strength from friends or even strangers that are going through their own challenging situation.

This event was coordinated through the Hospice Program at Crozer-Keystone, and Jill A. Schott, MS, LPC played a large role in the event’s success. Jill is the Hospice Pastoral Counselor and also serves as the Hospice volunteer coordinator. Recently, Jill added to her list of responsibilities to become the primary point of contact for pastoral inquiries for Taylor Hospital, Delaware County Memorial Hospital and Springfield Hospital. She received her Master of Science degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Neumann University in 2008 and she is also a licensed professional counselor. Jill can be contacted via email at or by calling (610) 595-6751.