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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to an imaging appointment?

  1. Your insurance card(s) and claim form(s), if applicable.
  2. Your prescription from your physician.
  3. All OUTSIDE radiological studies (CT, MRI, X-ray) pertaining to your current medical problem. If all of your radiology studies have been done at Crozer-Keystone Health System facilities, this is not necessary.
  4. Prior medical records and consultations from other physicians who have investigated your medical problem.
  5. A complete list of the names and dosage of all the medications that you take.
  6. Letter of authorization (required by all HMOs). You must consult your primary care provider to get an authorization number.

Do I need an appointment for a diagnostic x-ray?

No. Walk-ins for diagnostic X-ray appointments are welcome, and no appointments are needed. Just bring your prescription, referral (if necessary) and insurance card with you to any of our convenient locations.

How do I pre-certify imaging services?

Most insurance companies require pre-certification of non-emergency services. This is the responsibility of the patient and their physician. Failure to obtain pre-certification could result in non-payment of the hospital bill by the insurance company. At the time of registration, patients are requested to assign insurance benefits to the hospital. Patients who wish to bill their own insurance or have not secured an authorization will be required to pay for these services during the registration process.

For pre-certification information, call 1-866-5CK-XRAY (1-866-525-9729)

How do I request medical imaging files?

To request your imaging files, please call the location where your imaging was done.