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Welcome to Maternity Care Services where you can read helpful news that will benefit and educate your prenatal and post birth experience, visit websites that are listed below that can help answer questions you may have and view our media to find out the latest announcements about maternity services and physicians at Crozer-Keystone Health System.


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Prematurity Awareness Month: Promoting a Healthy Start

Special Deliveries: "CKHS Moms" Share their Stories

Celebrating 15 years with the Crozer-Keystone Health Network

National Midwifery Week: A peek at the many remedies for labor pain

Crozer Recognized for Being a Leader in Newborn Care

National Birth Defects Prevention Month: Health Tips for Moms-to-Be

Crozer Welcomes Delaware County’s First Baby of 2013

Center for Perinatal Medicine Receives Accreditation

Welcome Your Baby into the World with the Family Centered Maternity Care Model

Family-Centered Maternity Care Model Introduced at Crozer

One Born Every Minute: A New Contest for CKHS Moms and Babies

Midwives of Delaware County: Putting Patients at Ease

Crozer-Keystone Maternity Care: Traditions in Their Words

CKHS Maternity Care Traditions in Their Words

Services for Pregnant and Postpartum Women

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The Dangers of Bed Sharing: Keep Your Infant(s) Safe

What is Bed Sharing?

Bed sharing, also known as co-sleeping, is the practice of letting infants sleep in the bed of a parent or caregiver. Although thought to help establish parent-child bonding and with breastfeeding, bed sharing can be dangerous. Sharing a bed with your infant will raise the risks of suffocation, S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and other injuries or accidents. The risk of co-sleeping outweigh the benefits. Learn more information.

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