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Trauma Care

Trauma ServicesIn an emergency situation, you need care you can count on. Crozer-Keystone provides state-of-the-art trauma services from an experienced multidisciplinary team of physicians and experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to diagnose and treat traumatic injuries.

The Crozer Regional Trauma Center at Crozer-Chester Medical Center meets the high standards required to earn its designation as a Regional Level II Trauma Center by the Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation. The only trauma center in Delaware County, the Crozer Trauma Center treats more than 2,400 trauma and burn patients every year.

The Trauma Team

Our multidisciplinary team of specially trained physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals work at the forefront of trauma care.

We coordinate with physicians and nurses from departments across Crozer-Keystone Health System, including Emergency Department physicians, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists and other surgical specialists. Additionally, our team collaborates with professionals in Crozer’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Radiology, Laboratory, Respiratory Therapy, Social Work and Patient Registration to provide comprehensive care throughout a patient's stay.

On the Scene

The trauma team works closely with our community’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals to provide lifesaving care at the scene of an emergency. When an EMS unit identifies a traumatic injury, they immediately notify the Trauma Center and the trauma team guides emergency medical technicians and paramedics to provide the most effective care for the patient on the way to the hospital. In turn, the trauma team gathers the information needed to prepare to treat the patient when he or she arrives.

At the Emergency Department

Trauma patients receive initial treatment at Crozer's Emergency Department. The facility includes four trauma bays (including one dedicated to burn and pediatric patients) featuring the latest technologies and equipment necessary for life-saving efforts. Among the other features of the facility is a 64-slice CT scanner dedicated exclusively to the care of trauma and emergency patients.

Surgical Trauma Care

The Surgical Trauma Unit is a dedicated 15-bed intensive care unit for our most critically injured patients. Directed by trauma physicians, it’s staffed by eight trauma nurses and two nurse trauma practitioners with the specialized training and experience required to care for these injuries.

The Surgical Trauma Unit reduces time in intensive care and works to help patients continue their recovery following intensive care. Within 48 hours after a patient is discharged from intensive care to the Step-down Unit, a Surgical Trauma Unit nurse visits the patient and consults with step-down nurses to assure continuity of care.

In addition, Crozer-Keystone offers a Trauma Surgical Critical Care Intensivist Service, which enhances the continuity and quality of care for patients who need complex surgery and who have advanced cardiac or pulmonary diseases that increase their risk for surgery. Intensivists make daily visits/assessments throughout the duration of the patient’s stay.

In the Hospital

If patients need to be admitted, they receive care in an inpatient unit for our most critically injured patients. 

Every morning, our multidisciplinary team of surgeons, primary nurses, nurse practitioners, trauma case managers and trauma pharmacists visits every patient at the bedside.

The team assesses the patient’s condition and progress, and updates his or her daily care plan. In addition, physicians and trauma nurse practitioners respond to the bedside immediately at the request of the nurse throughout the day.

The multidisciplinary team meets once a week with an expanded team of healthcare professionals, including the trauma program manager, trauma unit nurse manager, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionist and dedicated social worker. The Crozer Team discusses each patient’s condition and progress, care plan and discharge plan—all part of Crozer’s comprehensive approach to trauma care.  

In the Community

Crozer-Keystone's Trauma Unit offers several community outreach programs for kids, seniors and healthcare professionals. Learn more »