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What to Expect

Before Your Surgery

Hands-on Help with Appointments and Approvals

One of the most overwhelming aspects of any major medical procedures is logistics – gathering the right documentation, getting insurance approval, scheduling appointments and more.

But don’t worry – we’ve streamlined the process to help you reach your surgery date with as little fuss and drama as possible. Our pre-certification nurse will track and monitor all the testing, paperwork and appointments you’ll need.

ChecklistStep 1: Medical history

  • List of co-morbidities
  • Current health status and medications
  • Identification of eating patterns and habits

Step 2: Supporting documentation

  • Letter of medical necessity from your primary care physician
  • Documentation of other weight loss attempts

Step 3: Medical testing

  • Cardiologist
  • Pulmonologist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Nutrition evaluation with monthly follow-up visits
  • Diagnostic tests, including upper endoscopy, gall bladder ultrasound, upper GI swallow, chest X-ray; sleep study, mammogram or Pap smear as indicated by physician
    • Blood work and vitamin levels
    • Additional tests or consults as indicated

    Step 4: Insurance approval

    • If denied, an appeal will be filed on your behalf

    Pre-Operative Check List

    To help you navigate the pre-operative process for your bariatric surgery, it is important to meet with physician specialists and other members of the Crozer bariatrics surgery support team. Feel free to download and print out our Pre-operative Check List [PDF] to track your physician appointments.

    Ready to get started on the road to healthy weight loss?

    If you’re interested in Crozer-Keystone’s Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program, take the next step and attend a free educational seminar – in person at a location near you.

    For physician referrals or other medical inquiries, call (610) 619-8450.

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