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What to Expect

Before, During and After Bariatric Surgery

A gastric band or sleeve can help a severely obese person lose a significant amount of excess body weight by limiting the amount of food that can be eaten. A gastric bypass further reduces the absorption of calories, fat and certain nutrients from food.

After a Sleeve gastrectomy studies suggest that a person can anticipate losing about 65 percent of their excess weight and this usually occurs within the first year after surgery.

After a Banding procedure a person can anticipate losing around 45 percent of their excess weight and this usually takes between three to five years after the bariatric surgery.

After gastric bypass surgery, studies suggest that a patient can anticipate losing up to 80 percent of excess body weight within two years of surgery, and can expect to keep off 70 percent of the excess weight at 10 years.

Before Your Surgery

We’ve streamlined the preoperative process to help you reach your surgery date with as little fuss and drama as possible.

Life After Surgery

We’ll give you the tool and teach you how to use it – but your success depends on how you use that tool.

Bariatric surgery timeline

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