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Published on October 06, 2014

My Crozer-Keystone Story: Paul Carmine, Healthplex® Sports Club Member

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My Crozer-Keystone Story: Paul Carmine, Heatlhplex® Sports Club Member

Paul Carmine says the Healthplex Sports Club
is one of the best fitness clubs he has been to.

Since day one when Paul Carmine toured the Healthplex Sports Club, he has been telling everyone it is one of the best fitness clubs he has encountered. Paul says he “appreciated the fact that there was no pressure-filled sales pitch. Bill Eyre [a sales representative for the Healthplex Sports Club] let the club speak for itself. I joined immediately and I must say it was a great decision on my part.”

There are many reasons why Paul is so satisfied with the club. First there is the "culture of excellence" being demonstrated by the staff. Paul says that everyone is friendly and accommodating and seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs. In addition, he says, “the club is also very clean - something I very much appreciate.”

Paul took advantage of our private personal training sessions because of a muscle tear in his calf. His personal trainer Jess taught him how to stretch and regain leg strength. Paul is a big fan of softball and in the past three seasons he has had pulled various muscles. This year, Jess helped him to make it through the entire softball season without any additional injuries. That in itself was a victory.

After the personal training sessions with Jess were over, Paul began six one-hour sessions with Kurt Honas. He was so impressed, those six sessions turned into 18 sessions and Paul is eager for more. Paul mentions, “Training with Kurt has totally changed the way I feel about working out. I was never one to really enjoy it. I did it to stay in decent enough shape to be able to keep up with the 20 plus year-olds on my softball team. However, my outlook has changed. Kurt makes the workout enjoyable while keeping it extremely challenging. In addition, his personality and authentic nature are great attributes. He is a true asset to your Club.” Now, Paul always looks forward to his next gym session.

Since training with Kurt, Paul has seen results in both strength and endurance. Paul concludes by stating, “I want to thank you for providing a Club that offers so much to its members. I can't imagine working out anyplace else and hope to be a member for many years to come.”

Is it time to take the next step in your health? Perhaps the Healthplex Sports Club can help.

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