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Published on June 20, 2014

Crozer-Keystone Launches Employee Center for Innovation to Spur Creative Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Crozer-Keystone Health System recently launched the “Center for Innovation in Healthcare” to address, analyze and resolve everyday challenges within the network that affect process, performance and/or patient care.

Crozer-Keystone Reproductive Endocrinologist Albert El-Roeiy, M.D., M.B.A., M.B.I., medical director of the HAN Fertility Program and associate medical director of the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology, serves as chair of the Center. He will lead a multidisciplinary team of clinical, scientific and administrative leaders and experts who possess a common interest in promoting process ingenuity, renewal or change within the health system. 

“The Center embodies the philosophy to promote great ideas to deliver better services and improve competitiveness; a culture of innovative minds and progressive attitudes towards growth, productivity and healthcare delivery. As the definition of “innovation” would suggest, the Center is not only interested in perfecting existing processes but introducing and creating views or methods and providing the means for new ideas through the use of imagination,” El-Roeiy says. “This philosophy engages staff and leadership in a unique, exciting, inspiring and functional approach to change and success. Additionally our role is to empower and mentor the staff to help them adapt.”

The center spans the five hospitals and the numerous satellite centers; therefore, every Crozer-Keystone employee, physician or resident from any location who has an idea that may positively impact patient care or improve any current process can formulate an idea or devise a protocol for testing. “Our employees are our pioneers, and every idea counts,” El-Roeiy says.

Employees who submit suggestions that are implemented will be rewarded with gift cards. Each fiscal year, the best suggestion, as determined by the Center’s team, will be awarded a $2,000 prize.

Some examples of possible Center for Innovation ideas: 

  • Staff members providing offices with a complete database of bus routes throughout the system to ensure that patients and family members using public transportation are able to plan for travel and maintain their scheduled appointment times. 
  • A nurse who suggested to remove items from the store room that are never utilized or used rarely
  • A nurse who suggested to return extra items from her department to a central location from where they can be distributed to other users
  • Developing a policy or protocol that ensures that all unused wheelchairs are inventoried throughout the day and returned to the hospital entrances to ensure that patients or visitors in need always have access. 
  • In food service areas, replacing individual packages of condiments with pump dispensers to eliminate waste and reduce operational expenses.
  • A Physician resident suggested a new process to discharge in patients in a more expeditious way and reduce length of stay.

Rolling submissions will be reviewed for content and merit on a monthly basis by Innovation Center Committee members and designated as a “quick fix” or protocol driven. A designated Committee member will be assigned as a primary contact or liaison to “our pioneer” keeping them in the loop of their proposal.

The Center has a new website through which you can submit your idea or innovation:

To speak to a committee member or for general questions, call 610-619-8987 or e-mail

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