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Published on July 09, 2014

Ninth Annual Resident Research Day Recognizes Scholarly Work of Crozer-Keystone Residents and Fellows

The Office of Medical Education at Crozer-Keystone Health System held its ninth annual Resident Research Day on May 28 in the James E. Clark Education Center at the Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

Susan Williams, M.D., chief medical officer, started the Resident Research Day in 2005. Now a yearly event, it showcases the scholarly work of CKHS residents and fellows with supervision by Crozer attending physicians. The project categories are case reports, quality improvement projects and primary research. This year, there were 30 percent more entries.

The process requires a collaborative effort including Guy Hewlett, M.D., director of Medical Education for Crozer-Keystone and program directors: Kelly Bradley-Dodds, M.D.; Dina Capalongo, D.O.; Steve Collina, M.D.; Christine Giesa, D.O.; David Hadley, M.D.; William Urbas, D.P.M.; Deborah-Longo Malloy, D.O.; Ashish Rana, M.D.; William Warning, M.D. and Caitlin White, M.D. The 2012 addition of Alexandra Hanlon, Ph.D. to provide biostatistics support has also greatly enhanced the quality of the projects.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Guy Hewlett, M.D. congratulates Jason Choi, M.D. for winning the Case Report Category
  • Leia Woelkers, M.D. shakes hands with Guy Hewlett, M.D. after winning the Case Report Category
  • Sarah Morchen, M.D. accepts the award for Quality Improvement on behalf of Jean Bakey, M.D.
  • Cody Clinton, M.D. is happy to accept the Research Award on behalf of Kevin DuPrey, M.D.
  • Brittany Davis, M.D.; Guy Hewlett, M.D. and Jason Choi, M.D. get together to celebrate Crozer’s Excellence in Medical Research Awards
Case Reports Category:

Jason Choi M.D. and Brittany Davis M.D. from department of pediatrics for Acute Renal Insuffiency as an Uncommon Presentation of Congenital Hypothyroidism in an Extremely Premature Infant.

Leia Woelkers,D.O. and Stephen Higgins, M.D. from the department of pediatrics for Late Pre-term Infant presenting with Hydrops Fetalis Associated with Congenital Acute Megakaryocytic Leukemia in the absence of Down Syndrome.

Quality Improvement Category:

Jean Bakey, D.O.; Letitia O'Kicki, M.D. and Sarah Morchen, M.D. from Family Medicine for The Effect of Culturally Sensitive Diabetic Education on Patient-Centered Outcomes.

Primary Research Category:

Kevin DuPrey, D.O.; Kathy Liu, Ph.D., ATC; Andrew Reisman, M.D.; David Webner, M.D.; Steven Collina M.D. and Thomas Kaminski, PhD, ATC from Sports Medicine for Slower Time to Stabilization Predicts Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Athletes.

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