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Published on July 01, 2010

Women's Wellness July 2010

Women's Health: Treatment Options for Hip and Knee Pain

Treating hip and knee pain depends on your condition and its severity. There are several different treatment options to discuss with your physician, and some of them may include:

Lifestyle adjustments—Sometimes, altering a few things in your daily life can help to relieve pain caused by hip and knee injuries. Losing weight, exercising, and modifying your current exercise or sports routines can help.

Braces and supports—Using a cane, a knee brace or any other walking aids can help to compensate for an injured joint or muscle weakness.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy—Learning strengthening exercises and stretches can help to restore joint and muscle function.

Medication—Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen and sodium naproxen, are commonly used to treat hip and knee pain.

Injections—One of the most common treatments for hip and knee pain is injections of anti-inflammatory medications, such as cortisone. This does not treat pain; it only decreases the amount of inflammation, which can help to reduce pain.

Surgery—According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, surgery is sometimes recommended as an initial treatment, but most often it is used when other treatments fail to relieve symptoms. Total joint replacement of the hip or knee may be necessary for severe cases.

Crozer-Keystone Health System specializes in the treatment of hip and knee pain. Crozer-Keystone and the orthopedic surgeons of Premier Orthopedics offer the latest advancements in surgical care; free, preoperative joint replacement education classes; specialized inpatient units devoted to joint replacement patients; and physical and occupational therapists who help patients recover from hip and knee pain and replacements.    

To learn more about Crozer-Keystone’s joint replacement and other orthopedic services, visit For a prompt appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, call 1-877-CK-MOTION (1-877-256-6846) or schedule an appointment online by accessing our secure online appointment form at

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