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Relieve Your Aches and Pains: How Physical Therapy May be the Answer

Physical therapy can offer a variety of treatment approaches to meet the special needs of women. Manual therapy—such as joint mobilization, passive stretching, manual release and ART (active release techniques) may be incorporated in a treatment program. ART is manual therapy focused on trigger points. It is combined with active movement stretching to promote increased blood flow, decreased adhesions and improved muscle balance. Therapies such as moist heat, electrical stimulation and ultrasound are all commonly used to facilitate muscle recovery. Therapeutic exercise to facilitate weak and imbalanced muscles as well as patient education can help to improve function and restore quality of life.

Back problems are one of the most common injuries in women. Statistics show that up to 80 percent of women will suffer from back pain at some time during their lives. Two of the most important things women can do to prevent back injuries are to have flexible leg muscles and maintain good strength throughout the core muscles. This will help to support the back, minimize undue stress on the joints, and prevent muscle imbalances so it can take the strain of everyday life.

Neck injuries commonly result from poor posture and mechanics. Women should remember to keep their chins tucked and shoulder blades squeezed together to reduce the strain on the neck. Maintaining this neutral posture will minimize unusual forces on the spine.

Because knee pain is most commonly caused by the increased pressure exerted when bending and squatting, remember to never allow the knees to cross over the toes. Doing this will allow you to complete the activity with the least amount of compression on the knee joints.

For more information on physical therapy services offered at Crozer-Keystone Health System, visit For an appointment at one of Crozer-Keystone’s four convenient outpatient physical therapy centers, call 1-877-CK-MOTION (1-877-256-6846) or access our convenient online appointment form.

Crozer-Keystone offers a comprehensive program of musculoskeletal services provided across the health system—including orthopedic/joint care, sports medicine, hand care, outpatient rehabilitation, foot/ankle care, and spine care. Services include surgery, therapy, education, medical management and more.

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