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Important Information for CKHS Employees About Flu Vaccination

Getting vaccinated for influenza not only protects you, but also reduces the risk of infection to your co-workers, your family, and our patients – who are at the highest risk for infection and potentially life threatening complications. Our system-wide employee vaccination program will begin Sept. 17, 2012. All CKHS employees and physicians may receive influenza vaccination free of charge.

Once again, CKHS has decided to make it mandatory that all employees, residents, physician extenders, volunteers, students/trainees in a clinical setting, contracted clinical personnel, and physicians who actively practice in CKHS facilities receive influenza vaccination.  

Exemptions will only be granted under two conditions: medical contraindications and religious beliefs.  Standard criteria for medical exemption have been established based upon vaccine technology and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control.  Requests for a religious exemption will require a letter from the individual’s clergy. If an exemption is granted, the individual will be notified in writing within ten business days.

The deadline for vaccination or exemption documentation will be Dec. 1, 2012.  Failure to comply with the immunization policy will result in a written warning. If an individual is not vaccinated or granted an exemption within two weeks of the warning, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action. Last year, we were able to achieve 100 percent compliance with this goal, and we look forward to the same success in 2012.

Adherence to this policy will be monitored through hospital departments and the medical staff offices, in conjunction with the Crozer-Keystone Health Network and the offices of Human Resources, Employee Health and the Centers for Occupational Health.  Proof of immunization may include a physician’s note, a billing receipt or a copy of the vaccination consent.  Periodic progress reports to inform managers/coordinators/directors about staff immunization rates and exceptions will be provided.

CKHS will make special efforts to ensure wide availability of opportunities for vaccination. In addition, you can find updated CKHS information regarding influenza on the Crozer-Keystone intranet and on the “My Wellness” page of

Thank you for your efforts to ensure that CKHS provides the highest quality of care to our patients and a safe and healthy environment for our employees.

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