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Published on March 13, 2012

Crozer-Keystone Management College Graduates New Class 

management college graduates

Graduates of Crozer-Keystone Management College include, front row left
to right; Ikia Shavers, DCIU, Community Hospital; Branda Jamison, Risk
Management, Crozer; Carol Thompson, Practice Administration, CKHN;
AnnMarie Kelly, CKHS Home Care; Terri Hamson, Respiratory Therapy,
Crozer; Donna Garcia, Delaware Valley Surgical Associates, CKHN. Second
row, left to right: Gregory Park, Program Management Office, CKHS; Mary
Shannon West, Child Intensive Case Management, Community; Cathy
Lupinek, Bariatric Surgery Program, Crozer, CKHN; Jeanna Rice, Nursing,
Crozer; Vince Mazella, Human Resources, Crozer (Crozer-Keystone
Management College program facilitator); Tracie Henry, Outpatient Mental
Health, Community; Patti Sacchetti, Clinical Nutrition, Taylor; David Nichols,
Outpatient Mental Health, Community.



















The Crozer-Keystone Management College graduated its latest class in December. Since 1993, this internal program has attempted to give selected managers a focused learning experience. More than 420 employees have completed the program in a total of 22 cohorts since the program began.

The program aims to:

  • Provide a “global” perspective of CKHS business thinking and educate managers as to the planning, processes and decision-making operationalized for reaching strategic goals.
  • Facilitate joint collaboration of cross-entity, cross-functional issues and opportunities for improvement or ideas for innovation.
  • Facilitate colleagues meeting and working together from the various CKHS sites, and to build lasting networking relationships.
  • Elicit an understanding of Crozer-Keystone’s many types of customers and increasing the health system’s value to them through creative strategies tailored to their needs.
  • Prepare key management staff for the future.

Managers from throughout the system were nominated to participate by their respective vice-president-level administrator. The members of this “cohort” spent several sessions together between October and December. 

Lectures were led by CKHS upper level managers, who shared their area of experience, organizational responsibilities and challenges. The students conceived and developed the projects themselves and presented them on the last day of classes. This year’s projects included:

  • Patient Portal Strategy: Extending myCKHealth
  • Crozer Child Safety Initiative: Misuse of Child Passenger Safety Seats
  • Decrease Readmissions Through Increased Use of Home Care Services

Several past presentations have been adopted and implemented within Crozer-Keystone.

For more information about Crozer-Keystone Management College, contact Vince Mazella at (610) 447-6310 (15-6310).

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