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Exemplary Professional Practice

Exemplary professional practice is evident in hospitals. Nurses have significant control over staffing and scheduling processes and work collaboratively with interdisciplinary partners to achieve high-quality patient outcomes. Following are the forces of magnetism that define exemplary professional practice at Crozer-Keystone Health System.

Peer Validation

Peer validation enables Crozer-Keystone Health System nurses to provide feedback/input for nursing peers as well as nurse managers. Competency assessment and peer evaluation ensure that the nurse bases care delivery decisions on current evidence about safe and ethical practice using the nursing process.

Nursing Practice Model, Code of Ethics, Bills of Rights

Professional Practice Model

A Professional Practice Model is the overarching conceptual framework for nurses, nursing care and interdisciplinary patient care. It is a schematic description of a system, theory or phenomenon that depicts how nurses practice, collaborate communicate and develop professional to provide the highest quality care for those served by the organization.

Care Delivery System

The Care Delivery System is integrated within the Professional Practice Model and promotes continuous, consistent, efficient and accountable delivery of nursing care. The Care Delivery System is adapted to regulatory considerations and describes the manner in which care is delivered, skill set required context of care and expected outcomes of care. Nurses create patient care delivery systems that delineate the nurses' authority and accountability for clinical decision-making and outcomes. At the organizational level, nurse leaders ensure that care is patient/family centered.

Interdisciplinary Care

Exemplary professional practice is evident in Magnet hospitals. Nurses have significant control over staffing and scheduling processes and work in collaboration with interdisciplinary partners to achieve high-quality patient outcomes. View more about Interdisciplinary Care.

Culture of Safety

The achievement of exemplary professional practice is grounded by a culture of safety, quality monitoring and quality improvement. Nurses collaborate with other disciplines to ensure that care is comprehensive, coordinated and monitored for effectiveness through the quality improvement model. Nurses participate in safety initiatives that incorporate national best practices. Sufficient resources are available to respond to safety initiatives and quality improvements for patients and employees. Learn more about Culture of Safety.

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Crozer-Keystone patient portals make it easy for patients to securely access their inpatient and outpatient results and also view and pay bills online.

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Crozer-Keystone provides all necessary care to patients without regard to their ability to pay. To learn more, call the Financial Assistance Hotline at (610) 447-2336.

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