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CKHS Journey of Nursing Excellence and Magnet Designation®

Conferred by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, an arm of the American Nurses Association, Magnet Designation is the highest level of recognition that an organization can achieve for excellence and innovation in nursing.

Magnet Designation resulted from nursing research done in 1983 during the first nursing shortage. At that time, some nurses observed that although many hospitals were clamoring for nurses, a few had more than adequate staff. These nurses decided to survey 163 hospitals to determine what made nurses satisfied. Forty-one of the hospitals surveyed had common characteristics that made them attractive to nurses. These qualities became known as the “Forces of Magnetism.”

Crozer-Keystone wants to pursue Magnet Designation because it is a visible symbol of excellence and reflects the heart and soul of our nurses who strive daily for professional excellence. The principles of shared governance give us the opportunity to search the literature, find best practices and design patient care to improve outcomes.  When we do something well, the pursuit of Nursing Excellence allows us opportunities to become even better and to celebrate who and what we are. Each hospital, each unit and each nurse are at a different place on the “journey to nursing excellence.”

The pursuit of Magnet Designation supports nursing practice by strengthening and energizing our professional development, autonomy, positive interdisciplinary relationships, creativity, job satisfaction, resources to provide quality patient care, patient satisfaction, improved patient outcomes and safety measures.