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Crozer Wellness Center

Founded in 1996 through a partnership between Crozer’s Department of Pediatrics and the Chester Upland School District, Crozer Wellness Center was created to improve the health status of adolescents in Chester by working in partnership with youth, families and the community. Our medical staff provide primary and reproductive care to patients, with practices designed to support working families and prevent parents from losing time at work to bring children for care.

We also administer extensive risk-reduction and youth development programs throughout Chester City. These programs are almost entirely funded through grants and, as a result, the specific programs offered in the community shift somewhat each year according to funds.  Regardless of shifts in programming, our approach to community health remains constant: we use principles of positive youth development to positively impact the long-term health and life outcomes of youth. Our niche with out-of-school youth programming is in youth leadership. We work with relatively small numbers of youth (30-50 per program) over an extended period of time (years, as opposed to weeks or months), training them to take on high profile leadership roles in the community.

City-wide Initiatives

Since 1996, we have earned a regional reputation for operating high-quality youth development programs with solid outcomes.  Our current city-wide Initiative is the Chester Drug Free Communities.

Out-of-School Programs

Current out-of-school programs include:

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Medical Services

Crozer Wellness School Based Health Center
Smedley Middle School
Phone: 610-490-1755
Hours: Mon-Fri,8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Youth Development Programs & City-wide Initiatives

Crozer Wellness Center Community Hospital
2600 W. 9th St., 1st Floor
Chester, PA 19013
Phone: 610-497-7422
Fax: 610-497-7438