Endometrial Biopsy Instructions - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA

Endometrial Biopsy Instructions

After ovulation, the lining of the uterus should be prepared for the implantation of the fertilized egg. The hormone, progesterone, is responsible for developing this endometrial lining. The lining undergoes changes in relation to the hormone levels at specific times in the menstrual cycle.

The endometrial biopsy is a test to evaluate the uterine lining. This will enable the physician to determine if the lining has undergone the appropriate changes during your menstrual cycle.

The endometrial biopsy will be scheduled approximately day 20-24 of your cycle. You will call the office with the first day of your period to schedule this test.

The endometrial biopsy is performed in the office. You may take Tylenol or Advil one hour before the test to minimize any cramping. You will be asked to provide a urine sample for a blood pregnancy test before the procedure. Therefore, please come to the office with a full bladder. This urine pregnancy test will not pick up an early pregnancy so please be sure to use barrier contraception for the entire cycle. Your physician will insert a vaginal speculum and clean your cervix with Betadine. He will then insert a thin plastic catheter through the cervix into the uterus. A small piece of tissue is removed and sent to the lab for evaluation.

It is normal to experience some spotting and cramping afterward. Please call the office at 610-447-2727 with any severe pain, heavy bleeding or fever greater than 100.4F. Please continue to use barrier contraception until you get your period. Your cervix may be open from the procedure and will be susceptible to infection.