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Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB)

In the past, patients with lesions deep within their lungs had to undergo invasive procedures to access and biopsy the lesion, such as a trans-thoracic (through the chest wall) needle biopsy or a surgical procedure to remove a lung tissue sample. These procedures require inpatient stay and can have a higher potential for complications, such as a collapsed lung.

Diagnosis, Treatment for Lesions Deep in the Lung


Today, Crozer-Keystone surgeons use Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy, (ENB), a minimally-invasive technology that enables them to detect, diagnose and plan treatment options for lesions deep in the lungs. Patients benefit by avoiding more invasive procedures with higher risks for complications and enabling surgeons to locate, biopsy and plan a treatment for deep lesions that previously were difficult or impossible to locate until the cancer had spread.

How ENB is Performed

Performed in a specially-equipped outpatient surgical suite at Springfield Hospital, surgeons use the patient's CT scan and ENB's GPS-like navigation technology to guide a unique set of thin, flexible catheters (tube) through the patient's mouth to reach the lesion(s) deep in the lungs and remove cell samples for biopsy. The electromagnetic system guides and steers the catheters through complex airways in the lungs beyond the reach of a traditional bronchoscope. The procedure may last between 30 minutes to one hours. Most patients go home the same day with minimal discomfort.

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