Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

When you need vital care and transport at the scene of an emergency, Crozer-Keystone Health System's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be there: We have been providing compassionate emergency care to the people of southeastern Delaware County for more than 30 years.

EMS Team is Ready to Respond

When any Crozer-Keystone EMS team responds to an emergency call, you can rest assured that prompt, expert medical care is on the way. All of our medics are highly trained and qualified, holding certifications in Basic Cardiac Life Support (CPR), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS).

Emergency Medical Services Training Institute

Crozer-Keystone Health System, in conjunction with Delaware County Community Services, provides EMT-paramedic training through its Emergency Medical Services Training Institute.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

Robert Reeder, Crozer-Keystone EMS Chief, South Division, at 610-447-2406 or Robert.Reeder@crozer.org.

Conlen Booth, Crozer-Keystone EMS Chief, North Division, at 610-284-8418 or Conlen.Booth@crozer.org

Crozer-Chester Medical Center

Crozer-Chester Medical Center
One Medical Center Boulevard
Upland, PA 19013

EMS Main Number: 610-447-2407
ER and Paramedics: 610-447-2188
ER Fax: 610-447-2141

Robert Reeder, EMS Chief
EMS: 610-447-2406
Fax: 610-447-6365

Crozer Operations
Phone: 610-447-6180
Fax: 610-447-2975

Crozer-Chester Area Staff Offices

Station 100
83-7, 82-7 CCT
Phone: 610-447-2407

Phone: 610-497-7354

Lower Chi Fire Department
Phone: 610-859-0652
FH: 610-494-9906

Aston Township
Phone: 610-497-2664
Fax: 610-485-0394

FH: 610-459-1252

Ogden Fire Department
Phone: 610-485-7292
FH: 610-494-9730

Glenolden Fire Department
Phone: 610-522-0389
FH: 610-583-8380

Glenolden Fire Department
Fax: 610-522-0853

Delaware County Memorial Hospital (DCMH)

Delaware County Memorial Hospital
501 North Lansdowne Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
610-284-8569 TDD

Robert Reeder, EMS Chief
Phone: 610-447-2406

DCMH EMS Department
Medic 103
Phone: 610-284-8987
Fax: 610-394-1710
Paramedics: 610-284-8987

Phone: 610-284-8400
Fax: 610-284-8519

DCMH Area Satellite Stations
Phone: 610-352-2518
Fax: 610-352-2970

Phone: 610-394-8637
Fax: 610-394-9058

Springfield Hospital

Springfield Hospital
190 West Sproul Road
Springfield, PA 19064

Springfield Hospital ER and Paramedics
Phone: 610-328-8730
ER Fax: 610-328-8736

Springfield Chief's Office
Robert Reeder, EMS Chief
Phone: 610-447-2406
Fax: 610-328-8984
ER: 610-328-8730

Taylor Hospital

Taylor Hospital
175 East Chester Pike
Ridley Park, PA 19078

Robert Reeder, EMS Chief
Phone: 610-447-2406

ER Phone: 610-595-6480
Paramedics: 610-595-6045
ER Fax: 610-595-6778

EMS Education

Emergency Medical Services Technical Institute Director
Phone: 610-447-6297
Fax: 610-619-7489

Education Coordinator
Phone: 610-447-2340

Education Secretary
Phone: 610-447-6181

EMS Divisions

South Division EMS Staff

Robert Reeder, Crozer-Keystone EMS Chief, South Division

The following staff is responsible for the CKHS EMS South Division and reports to Robert Reeder.

Assistant Chiefs:

Lawrence Worrilow

Richard Micum

Jeffrey Witters

Bruce Egan

Scott Dunbar

Thomas Morgan

North Division EMS Staff

Conlen Booth, Crozer-Keystone EMS Chief, North Division

The following staff is responsible for the CKHS EMS North Division and reports to Conlen Booth.


Allen Burk

Jerome Casey

Timothy Kelly

Kelly Epright

Matthew Kaminski

CKHS EMS North Division

Crozer-Keystone Health System's EMS North Division is based at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Drexel Hill, PA. The EMS North Division serves municipalities including, East Lansdowne, Millbourne, Morton, Rutledge and Swarthmore Boroughs as well as Springfield Township and Upper Darby Township.

CKHS EMS South Division

Crozer-Keystone Health System's EMS South Division is based at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland, PA. The EMS South Division serves municipalities including, Aston, Bethel, Brookhaven, Chester, Eddystone, Glenolden, Norwood, Parkside, Prospect Park, Ridley Park, Tinicum and Upper Chichester.