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Coaches and Doctors Working Together to Keep You Healthy


When it comes to treating chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, diet and exercise are a standard topic of discussion for patients and their doctors. Unfortunately, the idea of working out – sometimes for the first time in their lives – can intimidate patients. And some just don’t know where to begin with diet.

It’s an obstacle that Crozer-Keystone Health System and the Healthplex Sports Club in Springfield, Pa., are tackling with their Healthy Lifestyle Program. Launched this spring, the program provides fitness coaching and nutrition counseling to patients who are referred by their Crozer-Keystone physicians.

During their first session, patients meet with a Healthplex fitness coach to review their health history, discuss their doctor’s recommendations, and learn how to use the Atlas training program and fitness tracker that will measure progress. Subsequent sessions are spent working out while following an individualized exercise regimen. This portion of the program is offered at a nominal cost—$45 for three months of fitness coaching and Healthplex membership.

Nutrition counseling is provided by Simplex Health dieticians at Crozer-Keystone’s Healthplex Sports Club. In addition to teaching patients how to improve their diet, dieticians can test patients for food sensitivities and take virtual tours of their kitchens or grocery store to help with food choices. This service is covered by most insurances.  

Longo-Malloy 400x587.jpg“What’s unique about this program is that there is communication between the doctors, fitness coaches and dieticians,” said Deborah Longo-Malloy, D.O., co-founder of the Healthy Lifestyle Program. “This two-way dialogue helps us ensure that patients are making real progress maximizing their lifestyle.”

To measure this progress, patient data (such as heart rate, exercise time and calories burned) is collected through the exercise tracker and sent to a dashboard that the fitness coach can view and share with the referring physician. Adjustments to exercise and nutrition programs can then be made if needed to help patients achieve their goals. 

To learn more about the Healthy Lifestyle Program, call 610-328-8866. Physicians can make referrals directly through the Centricity.