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Pediatric Sleep Studies

Specialized care for our youngest patients

Pediatric Sleep Study

The Crozer-Keystone Sleep Centers at Crozer Brinton Lake, Delaware County Memorial Hospital and Taylor Hospital offer comprehensive care for children’s sleep issues. Pediatric patients should be at least six months old.

Appointed with the latest technology and drawing from the most current research in the field, our Sleep Centers provide convenient, specialized care to patients and their families.

Who it’s for

Children can experience all of the same sleep disorders as adults; however, their symptoms may be different. Children may have sleep problems such as sleep apnea, sleep walking or night terrors. Signs and symptoms of childhood sleep disorders can also include snoring, inability to fall or stay asleep, or being tired or overly excitable during the day.

What you’ll find

  • Flexible check-in times to accommodate children's bedtimes;
  • A lounge with a TV and snacks; and
  • Sleeping accommodations for parents.

What to expect

  • One parent or responsible adult must be present during testing.
  • Bring favorite books or toys for smaller children.
  • Leads/electrodes will be placed on the head, scalp and other areas of the child's body. Nothing is painful and no needles are used.
  • Please do not use fingernail polish, hair creams, gels, body lotions or oils on the day of the study. Also, no braids, please.
  • Please bring all medications to be given at night.
  • You may bring electronic devices (cell phones, e-readers, tablets, etc.) on the day of the study, but they must be turned off when the study begins.

Meet our specialist

Pediatric pulmonologist and medical advisor for Pediatric Sleep Services at Crozer-Keystone, Vatsala Ramprasad, M.D., is board-certified in sleep medicine, pediatrics and pediatric pulmonology.

Are you ready to put your child’s sleep problems to rest?

If you’d like your child to be evaluated for a sleep disorder, ask your child’s primary care physician for a referral before calling for an appointment. If your child has already been evaluated for a sleep disorder and has a valid prescription, you can make a direct appointment by calling 1-888-SLEEP-03 (1-888-753-3703).