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Pastoral Care Services Graduates Three and Welcome Two

Douglas Yancey, Jonathan Jones and Gerri Wise, all from the Palmer Theological Seminary, graduated this summer from the Pastoral Care Services program at Crozer. The program has accepted two new students for the fall session, as they welcome Rose Adamo from Neumann University and Yalonda Eldius from Palmer Theological Seminary.

Pastoral Care Services is dedicated to providing seminary students with education and clinical training in hospital chaplaincy. In addition to the regular studies that require in-depth readings, students in the Pastoral Care Services are also required to do 120 hours of supervised visitation with patients and 40 hours of instructional learning. This extensive teaching program will allow students from Palmer Theological Seminary and Neumann University to train at Crozer under the tutelage of the Rev. Dr. Bayard Taylor, Chaplain of Pastoral Care Services.

Pastoral Care Services at Crozer, which began in 2011, participates in the mission of the medical center to alleviate suffering and enhance the healing of our patients by supporting their spiritual needs.