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Pastoral Care Services at Crozer-Chester Medical Center Turns Three This Year

In September, Pastoral Care Services will celebrate its third year of providing counsel and support to patients and families in the medical center in times of anxiety, loss and grief at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. Under the stewardship of Rev. Dr. Bayard Taylor, this program has become a valuable and dependable resource for patients' families, hospital staff, local clergy and seminary students. Whether it’s a late night phone call to rush to a bedside, a planned educational training or seminary students working with nurses on the art of listening, the program’s impact is evident in the spiritual growth that is underway.

There have been several notable accomplishments that help to advance the mission while providing outreach opportunity to the local community. Partnerships were developed with the Palmer Theological Seminary and Neumann University, which led to a Clinical Pastoral Care Program dedicated to providing seminary students with education and clinical training in hospital chaplaincy. Four students graduated in 2013 and inaugural class members provided the medical center with 600 contact hours during their time of service. The 2014 Pastoral Care Program is just getting started with one student currently enrolled through the Palmer Theological Seminary. This student has committed to 160 hours of training by Rev. Taylor, including 40 hours of reading and 120 hours of visitation. Additional spots are available and Rev. Taylor can accommodate special scheduling requests in most cases.

Another key accomplishment was the opening of the new Chapel adjacent to Crozer’s main lobby this past September. Approximately 40 local religious leaders attended the grand opening ceremony that was filled with reflection and laughter, and community bonding. The Chapel is available for everyone 24 hours a day and offers an ideal location for personal prayer and a peaceful moment. Read more about the grand-opening ceremony here.