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Pastoral Care Services at Delaware County Memorial Hospital 

The Pastoral Care Services program at Delaware County Memorial Hospital participates in the mission of the hospital to alleviate suffering and enhance the healing of our patients by supporting their spiritual needs. 

All patients have the right to access Pastoral Care Services. Through their ministry, chaplains and pastoral volunteers offer compassion, hope, sacramental support and a healing presence to all receiving care and treatment at DCMH. 

Staff and volunteers are trained to respect the religious commitments of all of our families and will not impose any particular beliefs or values on you. 

We serve patients and families of all faith and those who do not identify with a particular religion. Regardless, you will find that your belief and values are honored by the pastoral care team.

Contact Us

Jill Schott
Phone: 610-595-6751


Reverend Dr. Bayard Taylor

About Our Services

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Why would I call a chaplain?

Chaplains are available to assist patients with a wide variety of spiritual and emotional needs, including: 

  • Coping with the stress of illness and hospitalization.
  • Discussing difficult decisions.
  • Dealing with difficult news.
  • Offering religious rituals, including sacraments, scripture reading and prayer.
  • Contacting a clergy person of a specific religious tradition.
  • Easing the loneliness and isolation of a hospital stay.

What is the role of the chaplain?

Chaplains are professionals who have received extensive training in care, counseling and religious disciplines. Our chaplains come from a variety of religious backgrounds and are able to serve all families regardless of religious affiliation. Our chaplains work with the healthcare team to ensure that your spiritual and emotional needs are addressed during your hospital stay. At DCMH, there will be two chaplains from different faiths available for patient visitations. They do not provide medical care or advice,

How can I arrange for Pastoral Care Services?

There are two hospital chaplains from different faiths available for visits with patients. If a patient requests a visit from a clergy member, DCMH will contact the appropriate individual from the patient’s congregation or a local member of the patient’s belief and request a visit. Free parking is provided on request to a member of the clergy who comes to the hospital to visit a patient. The Catholic faith is represented on a daily basis by local parishes.

Does the hospital have an onsite place for prayer or meditation?

There is a meditation room that is set up for patients and family members to go to for quiet time and prayers.

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