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  • Midwifery Services

Midwifery Services

Crozer-Keystone Health System's midwives treat women with respect and dignity, and help them feel empowered about their bodies, their babies and their lives. They are committed to providing gentle, personalized care, with a full range of maternity and gynecologic services.

The midwives care for women of all ages and stages. Whether you are expecting a baby, a teenager coming for your first gynecologic exam, or a woman who needs routine gynecologic or postmenopausal care, we welcome and support you as an equal partner in planning your individual care.

Learn more about the Midwifery Services or, if you have additional questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. We also have included information regarding payment and insurance.

Midwifery Team

Our midwives are masters-prepared professionals certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives. They have many years of experience and have helped many women deliver their babies in a safe and nurturing environment. Please see the list of midwives under 'Related Doctors'.

Gynecologic Services

When you see a midwife for your gynecological care, you will be examined by a woman who takes the time to listen to your concerns and provide you with gentle, educational exams. Our midwives care for women of all ages and stages, from teenagers who need their first gynecologic exam through postmenopausal women. 

For teenagers, we know that a first gynecologic exam can be scary. That is why we offer extra-special care and education to calm the fears that can accompany a gynecologic exam. These young patients can be assured of a gentle exam with plenty of time for the midwife to answer their questions and explain the care being provided.

Each of our midwives understands that every woman’s needs are different.

Our Services

Our gynecologic services include:

  • Walk-in pregnancy testing
  • Emergency contraception
  • Annual gynecologic exam and Pap test
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing and treatment
  • Family planning
  • Menopausal care

Obstetric Services

View the information about our obstetric services.

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique time in every woman’s life. With many years of experience, the midwives are committed to providing you with the gentle and supportive care you deserve. We welcome you to participate as an equal partner in planning your own unique birth experience, and we offer you many options.

  • You can choose to see one particular midwife throughout your pregnancy at each prenatal visit. 
  • During each prenatal visit, you will have plenty of time with your midwife to discuss any questions or concerns about the physical and emotional changes you are experiencing.
  • Your midwife will prepare you for your birth experience and parenting by providing education about diet, exercise, fetal development and labor alternatives as well as breastfeeding and infant care. She also will assist you in writing your birth plan.
  • Your loved ones are welcome to join you at all prenatal visits and during the birth, if you choose.

During Your Baby’s Birth

Crozer-Keystone's midwives have helped more than 4,000 women deliver their babies safely and in a nurturing environment. Currently, the midwives deliver about 25 percent of all babies born at Delaware County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) in Drexel Hill, Pa.

Your baby will be born in the comfort of the home-like birthing suites at DCMH. The Maternal/Child Health Unit at DCMH offers the best of all worlds – warm and comfortable birthing rooms in a calm environment and private postpartum rooms where you can rest and cuddle your new baby. DCMH also offers the most advanced technology and a capable and compassionate staff available on a moment’s notice should complications arise or a surgical delivery be required.

Throughout your labor and delivery experience, a midwife will stay with you to support you, and to help you and your loved ones bring your baby into the world.

At all times, you are a partner in decisions regarding your care.

Pain Relief Options

The midwives offer many alternatives for pain relief and comfort during labor, including:

  • Relaxation in a Jacuzzi tub
  • Shower
  • Back massage
  • Intravenous analgesic medications
  • Epidural anesthesia 

Obstetrics Consultation Available 24/7

Our midwives belong to the practice of OB/GYN Associates of Delaware County, a group of obstetricians at Delaware County Memorial Hospital who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event that the midwife determines that physician involvement is required.

After the Birth: Post-Natal Care

After your baby is born, the midwives will continue to provide you with support and education about caring for your baby both in the hospital and after you and your baby go home.

We provide breastfeeding guidance to help you in feeding and bonding with your baby, and we follow up with you after you go home to answer any questions you may have about infant care and/or your own recovery.

We will see you in the office again several weeks after the birth to resume your “well woman” care, and provide family planning (if desired).

Hospital-Based Services

Through our affiliation with Delaware County Memorial Hospital, Crozer-Keystone's midwvies offer a variety of hospital-based services to help women and their families prepare for, welcome and care for their new babies.

Childbirth Education

Crozer-Keystone hospitals offer classes and information related to pregnancy and childbirth. Topics include:

  • Pregnancy changes
  • Labor and delivery process
  • Coping techniques for labor
  • Medication and anesthesia options
  • Role of the support person
  • Cesarean birth and other complications
  • Postpartum adjustment
  • Parenting

The midwives can provide you with a schedule of classes and locations.

Moms in Motion

For a nominal fee, Crozer-Keystone Health System’s “Moms in Motion”   program allows moms-to-be and postpartum mothers to enroll in wellness classes at Crozer-Keystone’s Healthplex® Sports Club in Springfield.

You can choose from a number of classes that offer low-impact aerobic exercise, including some that are water-based and some designed for you and your baby. A specially trained expert leads each class, taking into account each woman’s personal needs and fitness level. The end result is a program specifically tailored to you. 

The midwives can provide you with more information and a referral to this program.

Maternal/Child Health Unit

The Maternal/Child Health Unit at DCMH offers the best of all worlds – warm and comfortable birthing rooms, private postpartum rooms where you can rest and cuddle your new baby, a compassionate nursing staff and the most advanced technology.If a cesarean birth is medically necessary, this procedure takes place in the adjoining state-of-the-art Cesarean Section surgical area.

The Post-Anesthesia Care Unit is also located on the Maternal/Child Health Unit. An Infant Protection System helps to ensure your family’s security.

Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery

The Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery at DCMH stands ready to provide the specialized medical care and treatment necessary for “high risk” babies to survive and thrive.

Generally, high-risk babies are those born before 37 weeks and/or those who weigh less than 2,500 grams (5½ pounds) at birth. These babies may need help with breathing since their lungs are not yet fully developed. Others may need medical care for infections or heartbeat irregularities.

Baby Photography Services/Web Nursery

Crozer-Keystone offers the services of a baby photographer daily at DCMH as well as WebNursery, an online announcement service for parents who want to share the birth of their new baby (or babies!) with friends and family from around the world! 

Photos taken of your baby at the hospital can be ordered through this online service. You can also order specialized items with your baby’s photo, such as key rings, calendars and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for maternity care? 

Our practice accepts most insurance plans. We can assist you in applying for Medical Assistance, if needed. We also offer a generous self-pay package  

How can I pay for gynecologic and family planning care?

We are a private OB/GYN practice that accepts most insurance plans. The midwives provide help with Medical Assistance applications to women over age 18. Payment on a sliding scale may also be arranged.

What types of pain relief do you offer women during labor?

We offer many alternatives for pain relief and comfort during labor, including relaxation in a Jacuzzi tub, shower, back massage, intravenous analgesic medications and epidural anesthesia. 

What happens if I need a doctor during labor?

Our midwives belong to OB/GYN Associates of Delaware County, a group of obstetricians at Delaware County Memorial Hospital who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event that the midwife determines that physician involvement is required. 

Request An Appointment

You can conveniently request an appointment online 24 hours a day seven days a week. To speak with someone immediately, call us at 1-800-CK-HEALTH (1-800-254-3258).

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