Maternity Care Services

Our expert staffs of obstetricians, family physicians, midwives, perinatologists, neonatologists, anesthesiologists and nurses care for you and your baby, responding to your varied needs with the highest degree of skill, professionalism and compassion. Crozer-Keystone’s maternity healthcare providers have offices throughout Delaware County and northern Delaware.

We provide Labor/Delivery/Recovery Suites that include the latest monitoring equipment to care for both you and your baby. And, if a cesarean birth is medically necessary, this procedure takes place in the adjoining state-of-the-art Cesarean Section surgical area. The Post Anesthesia Care Unit is also located on the Maternal/Child Health Unit.

In addition, our well-baby nurseries provide a secure setting for your infant when he or she is not with you in your room.

Crozer-Keystone Health System provides obstetrical services at Crozer-Chester Medical Center and Delaware County Memorial Hospital, delivering approximately 2,000 babies at Crozer and more than 1,700 babies at DCMH each year.

Our maternity care services include:

Fertility and Reproductive Endocrinology

We provide leading-edge treatment for couples who need advanced assistance in starting their families. Our specialized physicians, nurses and staff take the time get to know you, your family and your needs.

Prenatal Testing

From pre-conception consultations through high-risk deliveries, Crozer-Keystone provides complete prenatal screening and diagnostic services.

Childbirth Education Programs

The key to good health that lasts a lifetime begins before your baby is born. We offer a variety of maternal/child health education classes to help families prepare for the birth and care of an infant.

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Expectant mothers who have a higher risk for complications during pregnancy are with the right team when they come to Crozer-Keystone. Specialists in perinatal medicine are available 24-hours a day to consult with other physicians and care for patients. 

Neonatal Intensive Care

Our Neonatology Team has received advanced training in the care of premature and critically ill babies and dedicate themselves to caring for the smallest of our patients. Babies admitted to our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or intensive care nursery (ICN) receive state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care, which is individually tailored to each infant’s special needs.

Post-Delivery Care

Crozer-Keystone offers a range of services to help parents after delivery and even they've taken their new baby home.

Baby Photos

Share your joy and good news with friends and family around the world with online baby photos.

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