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Adult Mental Health Administrative Case Management

Administrative Case Management is a service that offers people support, community connection and access to entitlements. This service helps to ensure that people can reside and maneuver comfortably in their community. Case management staff will encourage you to be an active participant in your treatment, identify your needs, access supports and resources and develop wellness plans that promote your growth and recovery. 

Recovery Support

Administrative case managers focus on the individual’s strengths and skills to assist in developing goals and plans that will support the individual’s attempts to work toward recovery. 


Advocacy fosters dialogue between you and mental health professionals to promote mutual respect and understanding. We encourage you to advocate for yourself by facilitating connection to services. 


Educational materials can inform you about recovery principles and practices and help you to reach your fullest potential. 


Referrals assist you in gaining supportive housing, the ability to secure medications, the tools to maintain a healthy diet, entitlements, connections to primary care, transportation, education and employment. 


Clients must meet certain diagnostic and treatment criteria to be eligible. If these criteria are met, you will receive either an administrative or a therapist who will be able to assist in the role of a case manager. 

Duration of Services

Services are available to you as long as you remain open to treatment. The case manager must be able to meet with you on a regularly scheduled basis in order for services to stay in place. You and your case manager will mutually determine this. 

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