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Bariatric Surgery Support Group

As every successful bariatric surgery patient will tell you, one of the most important keys to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a good support network – and Crozer-Keystone’s Bariatric Surgery Support Group gets rave reviews.

All Bariatric Surgery Support Group meetings are for pre-op and post-op weight loss surgery patients and their families or support people. These monthly meetings are intended to help you recognize and change your emotional response to food. They also provide a source of understanding and encouragement from bariatric patients just like you.

The first hour is for all. We will have guest speakers, discuss common concerns, share general bariatric information and program activities and celebrate "SURGIVERSARIES"

The second hour (time permitting) we break into groups:

  • Group #1: Pre-Ops and Post-Ops less than one year
  • Group #2: Gastric Band and Post-ops over one year

Each support group meeting is led by the members of the bariatric surgery team, including one of our bariatric surgeons.

Pre-op patients are required to attend a minimum of one support group prior to surgery. Failure to do so will result in postponement of your surgery. It is a great opportunity to speak with our post-op patients!

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Ready to get started on the road to healthy weight loss?

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