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Why Choose Crozer-Keystone?

Treating the Body, Mind and Spirit

We know that struggling with weight loss is frustrating and confusing – and it can seem pretty lonely.

That’s why Crozer-Keystone emphasizes a comprehensive approach to bariatric surgery. In addition to the most advanced surgical procedures, our friendly and experienced staff provides individualized preoperative counseling and ongoing postoperative support.

And unlike like some weight loss programs, you’ll never feel like a customer. From your initial consultation to post-op support, we’ll answer all your questions, help you through the low points and celebrate your successes.

How the Program Works

Comprehensive Weight Loss Program Timeline

  • To get started, attend our FREE educational seminar – there’s no obligation, but it’s required as the first step in joining our program.
  • If you decide to pursue surgery, we’ll provide you with all the information, prescriptions and requests for specialty clearances so you can proceed with your pre-operative workup.
  • Our pre-certification nurse will track and monitor your progress, including obtaining authorization from your insurance company and scheduling your surgery.
  • After surgery, your surgeon and case management nurse will follow up with you at one week, one month, three months, six months, one year and yearly thereafter.
  • Monthly support group attendance will help keep you motivated and allow you to share your success with other.

Learn more about what to expect with bariatric surgery.

Meet Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team includes a nationally-renowned surgeon who is also our director, a board-certified surgeon experienced in all aspects of weight-loss surgery and a program coordinator and registered dietician.

Our Surgeons and Staff

Aley Tohamy, M.D. - Surgeon and Medical Director

Sergey Zhitnikov, M.D. - Surgeon

Harry Guarino, PA-C - Physician Assistant

Kathleen Nee, R.N. - Bariatric Program Administrator

Kaitlin Prettyman R.D., L.D.N. - Bariatric Dietitian

Cheryl Stabulis, R.N. – Case Management Nurse

Bethzaida Pomales, RMA  – MBS Clinical Reviewer

Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery

Our bariatric surgeons specialize in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, offering less pain, more rapid recovery, smaller scars and reduced risk of complications.

Bariatric Diet Counseling

As a patient in Crozer-Keystone’s Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program, you’ll meet regularly with the experts on our Nutrition Services team – both pre-op and post-op – to ensure a successful surgery, a rapid recovery and an enduring healthy lifestyle.

Monthly Support Groups

As every successful bariatric surgery patient will tell you, one of the most important keys to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a good support network – and Crozer-Keystone’s Bariatric Surgery Support Group gets rave reviews.

Success Stories

We admit it – the best part of bariatric surgery is the “after” part of the “before and after.”

Awards & Accreditations

We’re proud of our success – and we have the awards and honors from prestigious organizations to back it up.

Ready to get started on the road to healthy weight loss?

If you’re interested in Crozer-Keystone’s Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program, take the next step and attend a free educational seminar – in person at a location near you.

For physician referrals or other medical inquiries, call (610) 619-8450.