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Is Bariatric Surgery Right For You?

No More Fad Diets or Fitness Gurus

Is Bariatric Surgery Right For You?Weight loss surgery is a major surgical procedure that gives patients the opportunity for a better, healthier and longer life. Bariatric surgery can improve a patient’s overall quality of life by increasing mobility, enhancing self-image and raising self-esteem. The surgery may also improve medical conditions such as diabetes, high-blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and arthritis which are often associated with obesity.

Are You a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery?

One of the key determinants of eligibility for bariatric surgery is your BMI - body mass index.

It’s not a perfect measure, but it gives your doctor a fairly accurate assessment of how much of your body is composed of fat.

To qualify for the Crozer-Keystone Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program, you must meet ALL the following criteria:

  • Your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or higher OR you have a BMI of 35-35.99 with a major illness requiring treatment.
  • You’re between the ages of 18-72.
  • You’ve failed attempts at medically supervised weight loss or commercial weight loss programs (proof required).
  • You have no drug or alcohol problems.
  • You’re tobacco-free for three month prior to surgery.
  • You have no uncontrolled psychological conditions.
  • You’re able to understand the surgery and the risks.
  • You’re dedicated to a lifelong lifestyle change and lifetime follow-ups.
  • Your insurance covers weight loss surgery.

You might be excluded from bariatric surgery if:

  • Your BMI is below 40 without a major obesity-related illness.
  • Your BMI is below 35 even if you DO have a major obesity-related illness.
  • Your obesity is related to a metabolic or endocrine disorder.
  • You have an untreated substance abuse problem.
  • You have an untreated major psychiatric disease.
  • You smoke and aren’t able to quit three months before surgery.
  • You’re a female who wants to become pregnant within the next 18 months.
  • Your physician determines the surgery is too high risk.
  • You're not willing to commit to lifelong lifestyle changes and lifetime follow-ups.
  • Your insurance does not cover weight loss surgery.

Is Bariatric Surgery Worth It?

Fast, safe weight loss, under the care of an experienced medical team – what’s not to like?

Bariatric surgery patientWhile the benefits of bariatric surgery are numerous, potential patients like you must also consider the time, effort and expense involved:

  • It’s a six-month process from pre-certification to post-operative recovery – and annual follow-ups are required.
  • It’s a lifelong commitment to changing your dietary and exercise habits.
  • It requires approval by your insurance company, and not all insurance plans cover bariatric surgery.

However, if you commit to a comprehensive program, bariatric surgery can dramatically improve your overall quality of life by increasing your mobility, enhancing your self-image and raising your self-esteem.

The power of weight loss

In a review of 136 medical studies representing 22,094 bariatric patients, researchers at McGill University in Montreal found that bariatric surgery resulted in:

  • 89 percent decreased risk of death
  • 67 percent long-term loss of excess body weight
  • 45 percent reduction in total healthcare costs
  • 50 percent reduced hospital days
  • 86 percent of diabetes resolved or improved
  • 70 percent of hyperlipidemia improved
  • 78.5 percent of hypertension resolved improved
  • 83.6 percent of sleep apnea resolved or improved
  • 400 percent reduced incidence of cancer

Source: Buchwald H, Avidor Y, Braunwald E, et al.  Bariatric Surgery: A Systematic Review of the  Literature and Meta-analysis.  Journal of the American Medical Association, October 13, 2004 – Vol. 292, No. 14

Ready to get started on the road to healthy weight loss?

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