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Published on September 28, 2016

Crozer-Keystone Participates in Collaborative Agreement for Information Sharing with Healthshare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania

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Healthshare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania Signing Ceremony

CEOs and key executives of the healthcare systems and insurers in the Philadelphia area came together on Independence Mall on September 14, 2016, to celebrate their participation in HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. (HSX).

Crozer-Keystone Health System representatives participated in a recent ceremony in Philadelphia with other regional health systems and health insurers to sign an agreement about sharing electronic patient data through the HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

HealthShare Exchange is the greater Philadelphia region’s health information exchange (HIE). It links the electronic medical record (EMR) systems of different health systems, medical centers and clinics – and the claims data of healthcare insurers – to make this information accessible at inpatient and outpatient points of care, including medical practice offices. HSX services provide recent clinical care information to providers at the point of care and alert them to care events.

Don Reed, chief information officer at Crozer-Keystone Health System, joined in the signing of the agreement at Independence Mall on Sept. 14 along with CEOs and key executives from other regional health systems and insurers. Crozer-Keystone Health Network case manager Christine Martinez, R.N., also participated in the event, relating the health system’s experience with the HSX hospital encounter notification alerts that permit them to intercede in care early to assure continuity and transitions that keep patients from experiencing another health event or additional complications — or returning unnecessarily to the hospital.

With the help of HSX notifications, our practice has been able to capture that subset of patients who may have otherwise fallen through the cracks of the health care system,” Martinez said at the event. “The use of HSX has not only allowed us to reconnect patients to our practice and build stronger communicative relationships, it has allowed us to identify potential complications and medication errors in a timely fashion while empowering the patient about his/her condition. We would like to believe that this, in turn, creates better patient outcomes and decreases readmission rates.”

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