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Published on August 30, 2016

The Crozer-Keystone Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program Introduces Non-surgical Weight-Loss Procedure

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  • Aley E. Tohamy, M.D.
  • Sergey Zhitnikov, M.D.

The Crozer-Keystone Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program now offers the ORBERA™ intragastric balloon, a non-surgical solution to assist patients in losing and maintaining weight. This new weight-loss procedure involves the endoscopic insertion of a durable silicon balloon in the stomach, making the patient feel full sooner and leading to significant weight loss within three to six months.

The intragastric balloon is part of a comprehensive, non-surgical program. The balloon fills space in a patient’s stomach to reinforce proper portion control. In U.S. clinical trials, the average person lost 3.1 times the weight with the balloon as compared with diet and exercise alone within six months.

“Developed to ’bridge the gap’ between pure diet and exercise and other, more complicated, weight-loss surgeries, this is a safe and effective weight loss solution,” says Aley Tohamy, M.D., interim chief of surgery for the Crozer-Keystone Health System and medical director of the Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program. “This non-surgical solution involves a 30-minute procedure where the balloon is inserted endoscopically and filled with saline solution. The goal is to remove the balloon six months after insertion. With realistic goals, the patient will continue to lose weight through diet, exercise and continued medical supervision.”

“At the Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program, we believe reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong commitment. This is a safe procedure that has a quicker recovery time and can help patients with a body mass index of 30 to 40 with the weight loss process,” says Sergey Zhitnikov, M.D., bariatric surgeon.

The Crozer-Keystone Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program is accepting new patients at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Crozer Medical Plaza at Brinton Lake, Delaware County Memorial Hospital and Crozer-Keystone at Broomall. Our program, which has earned numerous honors and awards, views the treatment of morbid obesity as a lifelong commitment that incorporates a change in diet, exercise and permanent lifestyle changes. Information seminars are offered both online and at convenient locations in the community.

For more information or to become a patient, call (610) 619-8450 or visit

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