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Published on April 25, 2016

The Many Emotions of Infertility: Reflections from a Fertility Expert

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Albert El-Roeiy, M.D., medical director of the HAN Fertility Center

Albert El-Roeiy, M.D.,
medical director of the HAN Fertility Center

If you were to ask someone “which medical specialty involves the most emotions?” the response would likely be “psychiatry.” Some might even say “obstetrics” or “pediatrics.” However, patients seeking reproductive endocrinology and infertility services can experience a vast range of emotional highs and lows. Those who are lucky enough to work in this field have the opportunity to experience these incredible emotions alongside these patients.

“We see our patients in the most difficult times, such as the crushing blow of infertility and the hopelessness they feel in starting a family like so many others have," says Albert El-Roeiy, M.D., medical director of the HAN Fertility Center. “But then there are the happy times: the warm glow of joy when help becomes available, when the smiling, friendly faces of our office staff deliver good news and positive test results and there is an emotion that is truly indescribable - when new parents hold their child for the first time.”

“At The HAN Fertility Center, we are privileged to be a part of these emotions and to share your pride, joy, hope, spirit and even disappointment. While nobody on earth can promise a miracle, we can assure you that we will do our very best to try,” Dr. El-Roeiy continues.

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, we would like to share the following message from one of our new parents–to-be.

Dr. El-Roeiy,

It’s hard to put into words the absolute gratitude that my husband and I have for you, Anat, and the whole team for allowing us what we never thought we would have, the chance to start a family.

When we came to you, we were frustrated, sad and angry. Watching all our friends around us so easily starting families, you begin to wonder where or how you fit in. At that point we were starting to plan our life without kids, convinced that it would never happen, and that other sickness which had already affected so much of my life, was also dooming us to a childless future.

Someone said once that you couldn’t wait for life to happen; you have to make your own happiness. And we did that by having the incredible opportunity to meet you and not only become your patients, but really become family as we went on this journey together. If you remember, when we first met you, I was extremely anxious… about everything. But you were always incredibly kind, reassuring and confident that we were going to navigate this baby making together. You instantly put us at ease, and gave us the confidence and the positivity that we needed to be successful in the process as well. Those are not qualities that every doctor possesses, but they are the ones that make you such an incredible source of comfort and support to your patients. This makes you stand out from so many other doctors in the reproductive field. The same goes for your team: Anat, Brooke, Melissa , the embryologists and Jamie….all such amazing people that are always kind, patient and never make you feel like any question is a dumb question.

When we think back over the last three months, we talk about what a miracle it is, that with all the obstacles, we have this little baby that’s growing and one day we will get to meet. In all honesty, the real miracle is the relationship that we’ve developed with you and your team. It was with your experience, intelligence and compassion that you were able to give us the most amazing gift. From the bottom of our hearts, saying thank you does not begin to express the gratitude we feel that you made this happen for us. And hopefully we will see you again in the future for another little miracle.


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