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Published on September 29, 2015

Crozer-Keystone Emergency Department Nurse Heeds the Call and Pays it Forward

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Rose Agostini, B.S.N. responded to Pope Francis'
challenge for Americans to love and
support one another.

When Pope Francis was in town last weekend, he challenged Americans to love and support one another. That message resonated with Rose Agostini, B.S.N., of Havertown, and played out in real life the morning of the Pope’s arrival in Philadelphia.

Agostini, a 10-year veteran of the Emergency Department at Delaware County Memorial Hospital, woke up the morning of Saturday, September 26, feeling regretful. “I had wanted to volunteer at the World Meeting of Families,” she says, “but never got around to signing up. I had been thinking about Pope Francis that morning and his message to care for others. I decided to go to Pagano’s, a local deli, to get a simple sandwich.” What she didn’t know was that a serendipitous meeting with a patient would give her so much more.

At the deli, Agostini ran into a woman she had treated in the DCMH ED twice over the last three months. The patient, who was suffering a personal financial hardship, had just been in a car accident and her car was totaled. Agostini did what came naturally. “In the spirit of the Pope being here in Philadelphia, I decided to pay it forward,” she says. “I waited for her to finish her shopping, took her basket and paid for her groceries. It made me feel so good.”

Terri Hoffecker, nurse director of the DCMH ED and Agostini’s manager, says it’s just a day in the life of a lifesaver. “Rose is a great nurse and true patient advocate,” she says.

For Agostini, her work ethic also emphasizes, on a personal level, the totality of a nurse’s commitment to others. “We have a terrific group in the ER, and everyone works to do the right thing for patients and give them the best outcomes possible,” Agostini says. “The Pope is so down-to-earth, he’s like one of us,’” she continues, “and that’s how people view nurses. They help to save lives in medical situations, but carry that caring attitude forward into their everyday lives.”

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