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Published on January 02, 2015

My Crozer-Keystone Story: Karen Hogan, Osteoporosis Patient

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Why I Love Crozer-Keystone

“The proactive nature of the Osteoporosis Center team and the care and attention that they gave me truly changed the outcome of my situation. I could not be happier with the care and support I was given.”

My Crozer-Keystone Story: Karen Hogan, Osteoporosis Patient

Pictured (L to R): Karen Hogan; Jacqueline Kernaghan, PA-C and Barry Jacobson, M.D. 


Karen Hogan, 63, suffers from osteoporosis. She and her husband are longtime residents of Delaware County. After a long career at Verizon she is happily enjoying retired life—which has now been made even more comfortable after the help of the Crozer-Keystone Osteoporosis Center of Delaware County, led by Barry Jacobson, M.D.

“Over Memorial Day weekend of this year I tripped on a rug and fell, breaking and dislocating my elbow— more specifically a monteggia fracture. This was the second time in two years that I had broken bones in the same arm. The day after surgery at Taylor Hospital to fix the fracture, I found Physician Assistant Jacqueline Kernaghan of the Osteoporosis Center at my bedside. While I had previously been hesitant to treatment, Ms. Kernaghan gave me three options, to leave my condition untreated and risk additional broken bones; use an intravenous medication to treat my significant bone loss; or to try Forteo therapy, which is a daily injection of bone-building medication. She sat with me and showed me the T-scores of my bones, giving me the information I needed to make an informed decision. The T-scores are the values provided by a bone mineral density (DEXA) scan. The care and compassion that Ms. Kernaghan and her team gave to me made the hard decision clear that “no treatment” was not an option, especially since I didn’t want to suffer any more broken bones. I knew that, with their help, I would try the Forteo treatment.

“While needles are not my favorite thing, I learned quickly that it was beginning to pay off. After not having a DEXA scan since 2010, I went back in for a new scan so that my progress could be better tracked at the end of my Forteo treatment. Even after just 4 months on the new medication there was clear bone growth improvement, proving that Ms. Kernaghan steered me in the right direction. I think that things happen for a reason—my fall and the need to come to Taylor Hospital for the surgery landed me in the care of the Osteoporosis Center and saved my life. I am now on Forteo and getting better instead of getting worse.”

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