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Published on August 27, 2015

First Responder, Daniel Callaway, Receives Life Saving Trauma Care at the Crozer Regional Trauma Center

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Daniel Callaway is a 14-year veteran firefighter and emergency medicine technician (EMT).

Daniel Callaway is a 14-year veteran firefighter
and emergency medicine technician (EMT).

On Sunday, December 7, 2014, Daniel Callaway, a 14-year veteran firefighter and emergency medicine technician (EMT), started his day like any other. Callaway, 31, was traveling south on I-95 on his way to work at the Wilmington Manor Fire Company when he saw an accident on the side of the road. He pulled to the side and called for emergency vehicles. He then got out of his car to see if he could provide assistance before emergency vehicles arrived. While helping the other motorists, he was struck by an oncoming car. No other motorists were injured from the crash so when the EMTs arrived they began to do what they could to aid Callaway. Callaway was then rushed to the Crozer Regional Trauma Center at Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

Concerned family, friends and colleagues from the Wilmington Manor Fire Company, Belvedere Fire Company, State Police, EMT’s and fire companies from Chester and Delaware filled the emergency department (ED) around the clock waiting to hear news about his condition. Callaway immediately underwent emergency surgery to address his extensive injuries from the accident. After surgery he remained in a medically induced coma under the care of the shock trauma center for the next 30 days. The following 20 days after that, he remained in the shock trauma unit and then was moved to a step down unit. Callaway remained in the hospital until mid-March.

Many physicians, nurses and surgeons provided care for Callaway during his time in the intensive care unit (ICU); however, Callaway is especially grateful to the trauma physicians who initially treated him at the Crozer Regional Trauma Center.

“Our first responders have an important job in the community and they are often the first on the scene for working with patients who will be transferred to the trauma center,” said Marcin Jankowski, M.D., medical director of the Trauma Program at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, a state designated Level II trauma center. “It is tough when a first responder is hurt while doing their job, to know that Daniel is making a good recovery is wonderful.”

Dr. Jankowski leads Crozer-Chester Medical Center’s trauma team, made up of six dedicated full-time trauma surgeons and a multi-disciplinary team that focuses on assisting patients and their families with the unique needs and challenges of the sudden and sometimes catastrophic effects of traumatic injuries.

“We have a dedicated multidisciplinary team of specially-trained physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who work at the forefront of trauma care,” Jankowski continued. “We coordinate with physicians and nurses from departments across health system, including ED physicians, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists and other surgical specialists.”

The road to recovery has been difficult for Callaway and his family, who have remained positive and hopeful. “The shock trauma surgeons at [Crozer-Chester Medical Center] embraced us with such sensitivity and compassion. They adopted us into their professional world by creating for us a hopeful environment, and they never gave up that hope, not one time,” said Callaway’s mother, Diane Callaway. “It did not take me long to see how exceptional Dr. Jankowski was as a leader. One characteristic of a great leader is their ability to influence people, with his guidance and direction; he showed exceptional leadership skills for his team. The entire team performed with excellence in their field.”

“We have an expectation of a full medical recovery and a bright future for Danny, thank you to all of the doctors. We want to share our story to spread hope to others facing difficult situations,” Diane continued.

While Callaway is still recovering, he completed acute impatient rehabilitation and is continuing with outpatient rehab to regain his strength and mobility. Callaway has since returned to Crozer for check-ups and has a very positive outlook.

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