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Published on April 02, 2015

My Crozer-Keystone Story: Lori McErlean, Maternity

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My Crozer-Keystone Story: Lori McErlean, Maternity

Lori McErlean of Ridley Township

Why I Love Crozer-Keystone

“The staff was phenomenal; I am thankful for the attention and love that they showed my family while we were in the hospital. I cannot explain how grateful I am to have had them take care of me and my son. The women and men of the Intensive Care Nursery are the reason why I praise Crozer to anyone who asks!”


In June 2014, Lori McErlean of Ridley Township gave birth to her third child, Gabriel, at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. Because of the exceptional care she received from Crozer’s maternal/child health doctors and nurses for her first two pregnancies, she knew without a doubt that Crozer would be the place to go for baby #3. She and her husband, Angelo Fergone, had no idea just how much of a difference the staff would make this time around.

"There are so many individuals at Crozer who I want to recognize and thank. I went into labor 13 weeks early. My labor nurse, Katherine Sunshine, was a godsend. Tammy Finsterbusch was there from the moment Gabriel was born to the day we were discharged. She would freely give me hugs on days I felt lost. Stephanie Martin made me laugh and helped keep me in a rational place throughout our entire stay. Lisa Olejniczak was so wonderful. She would always make such a big fuss over every little achievement, but at the same time helped us to see the reality of the situation. All the nurses were so wonderful! It truly was the doctors, nursing staff and even the cleaning crew within the ICN who made our stay so pleasant. Gabriel had to stay in the hospital for 76 days because he was only 2 lb. 3oz. at birth. Dr. Stephen Higgins would spend so much time explaining things to us. He never grew tired of my questions."

"There are so many more people who took great care of Gabriel while he was at Crozer. Each one gave us a special gift. Today, he is healthy and beautiful baby boy."

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