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Published on December 08, 2014

LenSx®, Newest Laser Cataract Technology Available at Crozer-Keystone Surgery Center at Brinton Lake

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Ophthalmologists at the Crozer-Keystone Surgery Center at Brinton Lake, 300 Evergreen Drive in Glen Mills, are now using the LenSx laser, an advanced technology used to treat one of the most common eye problems – cataracts. 

LenSx Laser Technology System

The LenSx® Laser System for high-
precision cataract surgery, now at The
Surgery Center at Brinton Lake.

The LenSx laser is an advanced, precision-based tool that helps surgeons to customize procedures for each patient. Specifically, the system uses unique software to obtain incredibly precise, high-resolution image of eyes. The images are then used to plan and perform a surgery to exacting specifications that are not attainable with traditional surgery. The benefits to patients of having their cataracts removed with the LenSx laser include a faster recovery, enhanced comfort, better outcomes and fewer complications post-surgery compared to traditional surgery.

Adam Hauser, M.D., an anesthesiologist and medical director of the Crozer-Keystone Surgery Center at Brinton Lake, says “The Surgery Center at Brinton Lake is the first location in Delaware County with this particular laser, so we are excited to be able to offer this advanced service to our patients.” 

A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens inside your eye. For those with cataracts, sharp images become blurred, bright colors become dull and seeing at night can become more difficult. By age 80, more than half of all Americans either have a cataract or have had cataract surgery, according to the National Eye Institute.

The LenSx laser may not be appropriate for all patients, so patients are encouraged to speak with their ophthalmologist about their options. Physicians will take into account many aspects of your eye health as well as general health and lifestyle preferences.

Ophthalmologists Christopher Williams, M.D., and John Witherell, M.D., were the first to be trained on the LenSx and perform cataract surgery using the new technology.

“Instead of using a scalpel, the laser makes the corneal incisions, breaks apart the cloudy cataract lens, and creates the perfectly sized opening for the artificial lens. LenSx also allows us to use the map of the eye to allow for real-time visual images during the surgery to help prevent complications,” Williams says.

Witherell adds, “The new laser produces precise, predictable and reproducible incisions. Usually, diamond and steel blades are used and leave much more variability, but with the LenSx laser the results that are always the same and predictable and the visual outcome for the patient can often be better.”

The Crozer-Keystone Surgery Center at Brinton Lake is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated exclusively to providing quality, efficient outpatient surgery. Located in the Crozer Medical Plaza at Brinton Lake, the state-licensed, Joint Commission-accredited facility serves residents of southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. The Crozer-Keystone Surgery Center at Brinton Lake is led by a family of credentialed physicians who have individually served Chester and Delaware counties and the surrounding areas for many years. 

For more information, call (484) 846-5100 or visit http://brintonlake.crozerkeystone.org.  

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