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Published on May 14, 2013

Crozer Recognized for Being a Leader in Newborn Care

Mother Baby Summit

Maria Farias, M.D., pediatrician, and
MT Volkman, clinical director of labor
and delivery, welcome Barbara Philipp,
M.D., professor of pediatrics from
Boston University School of Medicine
and pediatrician at Boston Medical
Center to Crozer-Chester Medical
Center. Dr. Philipp stopped by to tour
the maternity unit before the
conference and observe Crozer’s
FCMC model in action.

Crozer-Chester Medical Center has received recognition by the Mother Baby Summit for being a leader in newborn care. The Mother Baby Summit acknowledged Crozer for its successful implementation of the Family Centered Maternity Care (FCMC) model. 

The FCMC provides parents with the opportunity to be more involved in the care of their newborn baby. Parents are included in the care process of their newborn right away. The FCMC model teaches and guides parents to become the best parent possible prior to leaving the hospital. The FCMC model’s overall goal is to minimize the separation of parent and baby.

One characteristic of the FCMC model is “skin-to-skin” contact, which enables the mother to hold her baby moments after he or she is born. The baby is with the mother most of the time, with the same nurse caring for mother and child while in the hospital. In addition, pediatricians perform newborn examinations in the mother’s postpartum room.

The Mother Baby Summit is a national conference that promotes education and training for mothers to breast feed their newborn. This year’s conference was held, May 10 in Philadelphia. Crozer pediatrician Maria Farias, M.D., will participate in a panel discussion on FCMC. The event includes 105 maternity leaders from Philadelphia and four neighboring counties. The group discusses common challenges and shared strategies for making change happen. The summit is supported by the Maternity Care Coalition, Philadelphia Dept. of Public Health and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

To learn more about maternity care at Crozer-Chester Medical Center or Delaware County Memorial Hospital, or for a referral to an obstetrician or midwife, call 1-855-CK-BABIES (1-855-252-2243) or visit

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