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Published on December 16, 2013

Crozer Family Medicine Resident Completes Internship with ABC National News

Combining her medical training with her interest in public relations and journalism, Crozer-Keystone Family Medicine resident, Felecia Singh-Sumner, D.O., recently completed a one-month internship with ABC National News.

Singh took part in a Health Journalism Rotation offered by the network. The experience provided her with a behind-the-scenes look about how news is gathered and reported by a major broadcast network.

Singh’s days were long and unpredictable, usually beginning with meetings for, Good Morning America and World News. At these meetings, editorial teams chose which news stories to research and cover for the following day. 

After that, Singh says, “We would find new and upcoming studies or medical updates that may be interesting for the general public to learn about, and then we would pitch it to the producers. From there, I was assigned to one or multiple stories to do research on, verify medical and scientific details, and present all the information I gathered to producers to develop a script. On occasion, if the story required an interviewer with lead researchers or experts on a topic, I would have the opportunity to interview them via phone or in-person.”

Among the highlights of her experience was the opportunity to research and write and publish an article, “Internet Risky for Self-Harming Teens, Study Finds,” that appeared on

Although Dr. Singh’s days were extremely busy and took a great deal of dedication, she gained much from the experience. “Not only did I have the opportunity to meet successful news correspondents and speak with medical experts across the country, but I have also gained a firm understanding of the amount of work that goes into even one news story,” she says. “The greatest skill I have gained was the ability to read upcoming medical studies rather efficiently and the knowledge to summarize them in layman’s terms to positively affect the health of my patients and loved ones.”

Singh’s experience was supported by Family Medicine Residency Program Director William Warning, M.D. Singh had expressed an interest in patient education in the public arena to Warning, and they both felt that medical journalism may allow her to foster this interest further. Through e-mails to various connections and colleagues, they came upon the Health Journalism Rotation.

Singh, a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, is in her last year of her three-year residency. “After graduation, I look forward to providing great care to my patients in an office, and also working to educate my community about health and wellness. Aside from providing full-spectrum and quality care to my patients, I will continue to work on my blog, work with my surrounding communities, and hopefully with other media outlets to promote better health,” she says.

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