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Published on September 19, 2012

CKHS Celebrates National Physical Therapy Month 

Springfield, PA- Every October, hospitals across the U.S. celebrate National Physical Therapy Month. Established by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the observance aims to raise awareness of and recognize the important roles that physical therapists and physical therapist assistants play in helping people maintain, improve, and restore the mobility necessary to stay fit, active and independent while enjoying the things they like to do. 

This month is an exciting time for all who are involved in this field because it can help show the public just how physical therapists and PT assistants are involved in patients’ recovery from injuries and post-surgical procedures. 

Colleen Reynolds, M.A., CCC, assistant administrative director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Crozer-ChesterMedicalCenter, says that “PT month is important to our physical therapists because it educates consumers regarding not only the physical therapists’ wide scope of practice but also the many benefits patients can receive from participating in physical therapy. It puts PT in the well-deserved spotlight, which is critical in today’s healthcare climate.” 

Mobility is the key ingredient to aging successfully and remaining active and independent throughout our lives. 

Scott Law, administrative director of Rehab Services for Crozer-Keystone Health Systems, believes that whether you are living with diabetes or recovering from a stroke, a fall, or a sports injury, a physical therapist is one who will work closely with you to evaluate your condition and develop a rehabilitation plan of care that is safe and appropriate. 

“The rehab team consistently performs quality customer service, has outstanding therapy outcomes, and is the leader for rehabilitation services in the area,” Law says. “As far as our outpatient/inpatient services go, we handle everything from neurological stroke patients to a person with an ankle sprain.” 

A physical therapist's extensive education, clinical experience, and "hands on" approach bring a unique, individualized approach that allows them to make the process of healing an easier one. Physical therapists participate in both outpatient and inpatient healthcare. 

Outpatient physical therapy services include evaluation, treatment and education after an accident, illness or injury. CKHS’ services are provided for orthopedic, sports, industrial, neurological and balance rehabilitation. Aquatic therapy and hand rehabilitation including custom splint fabrication are also provided. 

You can find outpatient physical therapy centers throughout the Crozer-Keystone Health System at the following sites:

  • Crozer-ChesterMedicalCenter
  • DelawareCountyMemorialHospital
  • SpringfieldHospital at the Healthplex®
  • Taylor Made Physical Therapy, which is affiliated with TaylorHospital

Crozer-Keystone’s Outpatient Centers for Therapy and Sports Medicine offer physical therapy for all types of conditions, from low-back and pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction to plantar fasciitis. “The Healthplex at SpringfieldHospital and Taylor Made PT are two outpatient centers that offer aquatic therapy,” Law states. “We are always looking to grow and add services that are important for the health and well-being of our surrounding communities.” 

For example, CKHS recently opened the Center for Dizziness and Balance at SpringfieldHospital that assists people coping with vestibular balance disorders and inner ear problems, as well as neurological stroke patients. 

Carla DeWald, administrative director of Rehab Services for Springfield’s PM&R Department and the Center for Dizziness and Balance, believes that these services are making a big difference every day.  

“The Center for Dizziness and Balance has helped hundreds of patients reduce their risk of falls and get back to living their lives,” DeWald states. “The Center provides services that help patients get a complete picture of what may be causing their balance or dizziness disorder. The treatment of vestibular dysfunctions is an important part of the Center’s success.” 

CKHS also has two inpatient rehab facilities, the Regional Rehabilitation Centers at DCMH and Taylor. DCMH has 23 beds in their rehab unit while Taylor offers a 38-bed rehab unit of their own. “That is the continuum of care from the acute to the post-acute where we focus on the patient’s functional needs by providing three hours of rehab per day,” Law says. “This past fiscal year, we have had almost 1,400 admissions to the unit and 84 percent of those patients were discharged from our unit to home.” 

That means that out of those 1,400 patients, almost 1,200 go directly to their homes from our facilities. This demonstrates that our PT’s and PT assistants are top-notch at what they do. 

CKHS thanks its rehab team for their hard work, dedication, and excellent delivery of rehab services done the right way each and every day. 

For more information about Rehab services at CKHS or to make an appointment, please call 1-877-CK-MOTION (877-256-6846) or use our convenient and secure online appointment request form.

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