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Published on March 23, 2012

Operation Snowflake Sets Out To Help DCMH Employees in Need 


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Jo-Zetta Shawl, Assistant Vice President of
Patient Services for DCMH, Ian McLarney and
Kenny DeStefano, Malvern Prep students, and
Marie DeStefano, administrative director of
Oncology Services for Crozer-Keystone
Health System.

Drexel Hill, PA -“I can’t describe how comforting it is to find your generous gifts on a cold February day. After being away from work for months now, I feel tremendous gratitude. To experience the power of anonymous kindness is to have a sense of the divine at work. I feel proud to be a part of such a warm, considerate community.”Anonymous  

This quote is just one of many from DCMH employees who have benefited from the kindness of their fellow employees. The group of employees, called Operation Snowflake, is a two-year-old organization that was set up by staff at Delaware County Memorial Hospital to put forth a hospital-wide effort to give employees some financial support during hard economic times. 

OS allows employees to donate money to their fellow workers who are in need through events that it hosts throughout the year. OS also allows DCMH employees to donate some of their vacation time to another’s leave by completing a donation of time form. Anyone can get this form from their department director, the Nursing office or the Human Resources department during hospital hours. 

This special organization allows DCMH employees to show that they care and appreciate others through performing random acts of kindness.
OS is made up of the following committee officers:

  • Chair: Mary Agnes Boyle (3 Telemetry)

  • Co-Chair: Patricia Smith (Maintenance)

  • Treasurer: Sue Battista (Nursing Payroll)

  • Secretary: Mary Kate Coghlan (Public Relations) 

“It’s a feel-good project for the staff here,” Boyle says. “The donations do more than just help the employee in need. When others see these acts of kindness, they too are inspired to get involved. You can see how inspired they really are by the amount of employees who participate in the events we hold.” The success of Operation Snowflake is due 100 percent to the care, dedication, love and support of DCMH employees.  

Last year’s Christmas benefit helped raise $15,000, which was equally distributed to seven different employees. Other events that Operation Snowflake has hosted include a beef and beer event and two bake sales. A more recent event provided a donation of $500 each to four different employees who were out of sick/vacation time, proving again that every bit of generosity counts. The most recent event, “Sweets for Your Sweetie” bake sale, was hosted on Valentine’s Day in the cafeteria and raised $2,500. This was a significant increase over last year’s bake sale which raised nearly $2,100, proving this to be another successful event for the OS team. 

The committee officers publicize these events through flyers and posters that are placed in all the departments inside the hospital. The main communication tool is the “OPERATION SNOWFLAKE NEWS.”  The quarterly newsletter allows employees to see what their donations have done for others in need and also gives them a sneak peek at upcoming events. They ask all employees throughout the various departments at DCMH to keep an eye out for these events and to keep an open mind to participating. 

”Thanks to the DCMH family, our fellow employees will be provided with a little extra support in their times of need,” Boyle says. “We hope to continue to plan events throughout the year that involve all members of the DCMH family. It is so important to take care of our own and share the ‘feel good’ moments of our busy lives.” 

If you have any recommendations or questions regarding Operation Snowflake, please contact Mary Agnes Boyle or one of the other committee members.

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