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Published on June 15, 2012

PET-CT at Crozer Brinton Lake Combines Clinical Accuracy with Patient Comfort


Siemens PET-CT

The Siemens PET-CT Simulator creates an accurate 3-D image of the body.

The Crozer Medical Plaza and Crozer-Keystone Cancer Center offers a brand new piece of equipment that advances cancer care for area patients: The Siemens PET-CT simulator.

The Siemens PET-CT simulator is a stationary machine that combines positron emission tomography (PET) and computer tomography (CT) into an integrated system. Fusing the physiologic information gained from the PET scan with the anatomic information provided by the CT scan creates a highly accurate three-dimensional image of the body and its functional processes.

“The major application of the device is in diagnosing and managing malignancies,” says Khozaim Nakhoda, M.D., director of Nuclear Medicine at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. The Siemens machine can be used to detect and plan treatment for a number of cancers, including melanoma, lymphoma and breast, esophageal, cervical, lung, colorectal, head and neck and ovarian cancers.

With the very latest in PET-CT technology, Brinton Lake Imaging can offer patients precise, targeted care. “This particular machine has a better CT scan and it has a new feature called Time of Flight which improves the resolution of images,” Nakhoda says.

A wider opening allows the scanner to accommodate larger and claustrophobic patients. It’s also much faster, reducing what is usually an average scan time of 25 to 30 minutes to 15 to 20 minutes. What this means for patients is a quicker, more comfortable test.

“We also now have the capability to perform a simulation of radiation therapy,” Nakhoda says. “Previously, our radiation oncologist would look at the PET scan and have to remember which areas were lit up on the corresponding CT and try to target them while doing radiation planning. Now they have all of that information built into the planning which is obviously a great advantage.”

Nakhoda believes this is a promising new era for imaging in the health system. “The PET-CT is fully incorporated into the oncologist’s armamentarium of diagnostic imaging—it’s no longer just a research tool. I’m very excited about this new machine, which offers significant improvement and will allow us to review and analyze images more efficiently, with a better impact for our patients,” he says.

To schedule a PET-CT appointment, call 1-866-5-CK-XRAY (1-866-525-9729).

For more information about the Crozer Medical Plaza and Crozer-Keystone Cancer Center at Brinton Lake, call 1-855-CKHS -4BL (1-855-254-7425) or visit

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