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Women's Wellness  September 2011

Healthy Recipes with International Flair


Accessible from Crozer-Keystone’s website,, the Health eCooking Show™ features videos that demonstrate how to make your favorite recipes healthier and great-tasting using less fat and sodium. The site also offers hundreds of recipes designed for diabetics, and heart-healthy meals or dishes with a healthy twist on traditional recipes.  

To access the Health eCooking Show™, visit, click on Health Resources, then the Health eCooking Show™ at the bottom of the page.

Craving a Chinese dish? Try Asian Cucumber Salad

In the mood for Italian? That favorite staple, Tomato Sauce with Pasta, should fit the bill.

If you want to spice it up a little, Beef Enchiladas has just the right amount of kick.

For dessert? Why, Simple Crepes, of course! Just choose your favorite topping.

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