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Published on April 25, 2014

Take the 2014 Crozer-Keystone Employee “Biggest Winner Weight Loss Challenge”

Mark your calendars: the 2014 Crozer-Keystone Employee “Biggest Winner

Cathleen Petrucci

Cathy Petrucci,

Weight Loss Challenge” is here from Monday, May 5 to Friday, June 27, 2014. This free, voluntary eight-week team wellness program is designed to encourage healthy weight loss and physical activity, and increase overall health — all in the name of fun.  

The program is open to all Crozer-Keystone employees and spouses. Each participant is encouraged to set a reasonable weight-loss goal and strive to meet it by focusing on healthy eating and increasing his or her physical activity — but you don’t need to “go it alone.” 

Healthplex® Offers "60 for 60" and Nutrition Counseling

All 2014 Biggest Winner participants are invited to take advantage of the “60 for 60” Wellness program at the Healthplex® Sports Club at a cost of $60 for 60 days. Participants will work with certified exercise specialists in a goal-oriented program in an environment that promotes well-being and an increased quality of life. Participants will be assessed, and then guided through a personalized exercise program. You’ll gain the benefits of individualized attention, a one-on-one fitness evaluation, a structured program, a supervised environment, and management of exercise restrictions.

Join the Healthplex® after 60 days and take advantage of:

  • No enrollment fee
  • Your $60 will be applied towards your first month of dues.
  • Special CKHS Monthly Dues Rate has been reduced to $69 per month, plus employees and spouses enrolled in a CHOICES medical plan administered by AmeriHealth Administrators can earn up to $400 in reimbursements annually, reducing the rate to as low as $35.67 per month.

While you’re at it, check out Healthplex® Wellness Nutrition Counseling Services. For $225, participants can choose one of two options: a 30-minute one-on-one nutrition consultation plus six group nutrition counseling sessions (45-60 minutes each); or a 30-minute one-on-one nutrition consultation plus two individual nutrition counseling sessions (45-60 minutes each).

For more information about the Wellness Center, the “60 for 60” Program and Wellness Nutrition Counseling Services, call 610-328-8874 or email tonya.merrill@crozer.org

A “team sport”

While every participant sets his or her individual goals, participants form

Dee Pascale

Dee Pascale, R.N.

teams with their coworkers and/or spouses to support one another and have more fun. Teams can range from an employee-and-spouse duo to a maximum of 10 participants. Larger departments are encouraged to form more than one team to enhance the challenge with a little friendly competition. 

Each team selects a captain and a team name. Last year, 61 teams, including the Happy Hipsters, Wii Not Fit, Withering A-Weigh, “A” for Effort and the Spare Tires, lost over 2,200 pounds.

Every two weeks, participants will report their weight (anonymously if they wish) to their team captains. Winners are determined based on the percentage of total body weight lost. Physical activity will not be tracked, but participants are encouraged to increase it through formal exercise programs, recreational activities or being more active in their daily routines.

This year, Biggest Winner participants who want to establish a structured exercise routine are invited to take advantage of special offers through the Healthplex® “60 for 60” Program and Nutrition Counseling Services (see sidebar). To help participants stay on track, weekly newsletters provide healthy recipes, weight loss tips and periodic updates on how the teams are stacking up in the challenge. 

“Tinman” is an Inspiration for the Challenge

Need inspiration to take the 2014 Biggest Winner Weight Loss Challenge? Look no further than “Tinman” Richard Tinley, husband of Linda Tinley, director of Crozer-Keystone Patient Financial Services. As The Wizards, the duo was the top-ranked team in the 2013 Biggest Winner challenge based on percentage of body weight lost: 8.8 percent of their total body weight. 

Richard lost 50 pounds during the 2013 challenge — and kept going. By March 2014 he had lost six more pounds and trimmed his waist from 44 inches to 37 inches. 

How did Richard do it? He regularly works out and walks at least two miles a day outdoors or at Kirkwood Fitness Club, where he has been a lifetime member since 1973.  He says he’s become more careful about food choices and quantities. He says his diabetes is under better control, too. 

Over the years, Richard, a 65-year-old semi-retired painting contractor, has survived a mini-stroke, heart attack and heart bypass surgery, after which he completed Crozer-Keystone’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Although his work is physically demanding, he says it does not provide the kind of exercise that keeps the weight off.  So the scale crept up and so did his pant size.

“I got motivated when Linda brought home the Road to Wellness information,” Richard says. “Since then, I’ve started feeling better and better — like how I should feel. I’m thankful for Linda’s, our children’s and grandchildren’s inspiration to pursue a wellness program.” 

Winners receive Gift Cheques

Successful participants will enjoy the rewards of trimmer, healthier bodies, of course — all in time for summer! In addition, each member of the first-place team will receive a $50 American Express Gift Cheque and each member of the second-ranking team will receive a $25 American Express Gift Cheque, courtesy of Wellness Works. The top 10 individuals who lose the greatest percent of total body weight will receive a $50 American Express Gift Cheque to recognize their personal accomplishments. Each participant is eligible for one reward; individual winners on the second place team will receive the $50 Gift Cheque in lieu of the $25 Cheque. 

“Consult with your doctor before starting this or any other weight loss or exercise program,” reminds Wellness Works Nurse Navigator Cathy Petrucci, M.S.N., R.N.         

Nurse Navigator Dee Pascale, R.N., adds, “This is especially important if you have health problems, are over 40 years old, or have any questions or concerns about the risks of changing your diet and physical activity level.” 

Are you ready to take the challenge? 

For more information about the Road to Wellness and the 2014 Biggest Winner Weight Loss Challenge, employees may visit the “My Wellness” page of www.crozerbenefits.org.

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