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Published on April 18, 2014

Centers for Occupational Health Specializes in Work-Related Injury and Wellness

For an employee injured on the job, it can sometimes be a painful healing process, not to mention the frustration of not knowing when he or she will be back to work. The Centers for Occupational Health (COH) at Crozer-Keystone specialize in the treatment and management of work-related injury and wellness and are dedicated to minimizing the amount of time an employee is out of work.

Kristen Creighton, P.T., M.S., Assistant Vice President, Ambulatory Services, says, “It’s our job to create a healthier workforce. Employers want the best care for their employees so they can get back to work.”

The COH at Crozer-Keystone offer a variety of services, including treatment of Workers’ Compensation injuries – for which appointments are not needed – drug and alcohol screenings, physical exams, police and firefighter physicals, vision and audiometric testing, pulmonary function and respiratory fit testing, onsite physical therapy and industrial rehabilitation, flu immunizations, health risk assessments and wellness programs.

The COH maintain a philosophy and dedication to quality:

• Commitment to the customer, providing extraordinary customer service

• Striving toward 100-percent patient satisfaction

• A dedicated physician at each to ensure continuity of care

• Patient education programs

• Open access with same-day appointments

• Integrated approach to communication with employers, case managers and providers to ensure that patients are receiving the best care in a timely manner.

• Physician tours of the work-site to evaluate risk and understand job duties

• Stability and consistency: service to the business community for over 25 years

Creighton added, "The COH specialize in work-related injuries – especially those that are often neglected. We aim to save employees and employers time and money so that the patient can get back to work and, essentially, back to their life.”

The Centers for Occupational offer additional services for employers. According to Creighton: “Another component to our program is that we offer information and support to employers regarding laws and OSHA regulations to keep them informed.”

There are two locations for the Centers for Occupational Health within the Crozer-Keystone Health System:

Located in the Healthplex® Pavilion just steps from the Healthplex® Sports Club, the Center for Preventive Medicine provides executive physical and preventive medicine services, exercise stress testing, wellness/executive health screenings and athlete performance assessments.

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